Tour of the Harn Katarina Kourgelis

Medium of the Art/ Technique: The technique in this art piece I found extremely interesting. It is more modern than a lot of the works in the museum, which is why it stuck out to me. This is because it is more of a photograph than a painting. However, the picture is very intriguing because of how different it is. It looks like a mouth with sparkles and jewels. The technique of how it is focused in some areas, and blurry in others is interesting to me, considering how close up the picture is taken.

Design of the Museum: This part of the museum had a special effect on how it was actually constructed. I found the design of this room very cool. The white walls made the pieces stick out more. This room also had the least amount of pieces in it, but with a lot of empty space. This puts focus on a few bigger pieces, rather than filling the room with a bunch of smaller pieces like in other rooms. It really allows you to appreciate the 3 pieces in the middle of the room. The architecture is modern, along with the art that is placed inside, so it goes well together. Walking into the room I walked through a small hallway with mirrors on both sides, which I found added to the essence of the room.

Art and Core Values: This artwork, called "Classic Torso", embodies core values. She is completely naked, which to some people would be considered morally incorrect to photograph in the nude, while others think it is beautiful. It all comes down to what your values are. Also, the shape of the body relates to values. She is definitely not fat, but she is also not a skinny stick like many models photographed today. This picture questions ones values on themselves; how much it matters to them how people portray what they look like.

Art and The Good Life: This piece shows the good life through a piece of art, at least in my beliefs of what The Good Life is. It is sunny, the children are playing, there is life and vegetation in this piece. No one looks lonely or sad, everyone has someone. This looks like a happy place that the kids go maybe after school, or on the weekends to let loose and run around being a child. This brings joy to their lives.

Created By
Katarina Kourgelis


Harn Art Museum

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