Transgender Rights leonel barranco, merissa padilla, jessica miranda

Civil rights refers to the right of social freedom and equality of a citizen.

Through out history, there's always been a way that people live their lives, whether it be by choice or by demand. In some cases , many people oppose change because they aren't used to it or simply because of stubbornness. Well some individuals feel that the skin they were born in, isn't making them happy, so they choose to change. Transgender people face the problem of not being accepted or treated differently because of the change they did. They also get excluded from activities because others feel "uncomfortable", as if they were a threat to them. Another issue they face when it comes to young people, is what restroom they use in school. Some people don't have an issue with that but many others do. Transgender kids either have to use the restroom in the nurses office or just can't use it. No one should be denied the right to use the restroom, no matter if they were once a different gender than what they are now.

Left : showing how he wasn’t being let go inside the restroom Top right : getting physical because of discomfort Bottom right : finally accepting him and letting him used the bathroom of his choice

Start: 0:40 End: 2:42

This video is significant because it shows how a person from a high power won't embrace that people that are transgender. He talks about transgender people being a problem and "pretending to be something they aren't. He states how uncomfortable women feel with a man walking into the girls restroom but didn't talk about how a man would feel if a women was to walk in the guys restroom. If a person was to change their lifestyle than they should be let into the restroom that their current gender identifies them as.

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