Gospel Adventures Part 1 Week 4

Welcome to our final lesson about Mongolia at Summer Family Sunday School at Our Savior Hawaii! Today we will look at the Mongolian Naadam Festival and what it takes to compete in such an event. As always, we continue our adventure learning about God's vast and amazing love for us! Be sure to join us on July 19 as we begin our adventure in Peru!

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Let's sing our theme song!

LEARN ABOUT IT Naadam Festival

Discussion: Every country has special holidays or celebrations—things that are a big deal for everyone there. What are some special celebrations that we have where we're from? What do you like about those celebrations? Why do we have those big events?

In Mongolia, one of the biggest holidays is the Naadam (NOD-ahm) Festival in July. The word Naadam means “joy.” It started when Chinggis Khan trained his army in archery, wrestling, and horse racing. Let’s take a look at Naadam.

Discussion: Which event do you think you’d be the best at? Why? Which one was your favorite? Why?

It’s fun to play together, celebrate victories, and encourage our friends. All week we’ve been reflecting on a Bible verse from Ephesians and how it connects to experiences in Mongolia. This passage of Scripture ends with some encouragement for us. Listen to the last part of our verse, and think about the celebration we just learned about. Let's read the last part of Eph. 3:19:

“Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.”

What do you think “fullness of life and power” means? Naadam is a celebration of physical life and physical power. But we know there’s a different kind of life and power that comes from God—something that lasts forever and sustains us through hard times. When we experience God’s love, we’re made complete with God’s life and power!


Learning about Naadam is cool, but imagine being a kid competing in such a big event. Let’s take a peek at what that was like for a boy named Nargulan.

Discussion: Think of a big event you have to work and train for. It might be a sporting event, a test, or a music recital.

Where did Nargulan get his strength? Who gives you strength in hard times? God’s love is big, even when we struggle. No matter what, God is always there for us—and that’s a reason to celebrate!

MAKE IT Kazakh Collage

Where Nargulan lives, most kids are Kazakh. The walls of their gers are decorated with beautiful handwork and designs. Let’s make some colorful Kazakh artwork as we celebrate God’s love that is wide and long and high and deep!

Hand out the Celebration Circles and color them to create beautiful artwork that reminds us of God's beautiful love!

PRAY ABOUT IT (Gather in a circle)

Pray: God, we’re so glad you made people with different cultures, clothes, foods, skin colors, and traditions. Your creativity amazes us! Mongolia seems so far away, but it’s awesome to think that we have Christian brothers and sisters there. That’s just how big you are and how big your love is. It spans the globe. We pray for these new Christians, that their roots would grow down into your love. Keep them strong and united. Help them see your wonders every day and have the words to share your love with others around them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Challenge: What have you learned in the past couple weeks about God's vast love? Share it with someone.

Be sure to come back on July 19 as we start our Gospel Adventure in Peru!


Created with images by Vince Gx - "Sunrise over the yurts - Mongolia" • Samantha Gades - "untitled image" • Marius Lelouard - "untitled image"