Journey to the Pacific Northwest By: Brayden Caldwell

Cannon Beach

On this first day of our trip, my family and I woke up along the beach in Seaside, Oregon. Our first stop was at a unique eatery known as Voodoo Doughnuts. At Voodoo, they have countless kinds of doughnuts that you could not even imagine! After we ate our breakfast, we drove to Cannon Beach. We walked along the beach and explored the ocean life. There were restaurants along the beach where we ate. We continued our trip to Portland, Oregon after the day.

Multnomah Falls

On the second day, we continued our journey to the Columbia River Gorge. We maneuvered our way through the gorge until we made it to the waterfalls. While there were over 90 waterfalls, my family and i only made our way through a handful, including the 620 foot waterfall as pictured. Hiking through the Columbia River Gorge could take days to see everything, but we were on a tight schedule, so we continued up north into Seattle, Washington.

Columbia River Gorge

On our drive out of gorge in Oregon, we stopped and visited Portland University and Portland State University. They both had a beautiful campus. These universities were our last stop in Oregon, a wonderful state.

Pike Place Market

We explored around Pike Place Market on our first day in Seattle, Washington. Anything you could have dreamed of was in the market. All of the food was fresh and delicious, and all if the accessories being sold were one of a kind. It was extremely busy as you stood shoulder to shoulder with others as you made your way around. Wandering through the market took almost half of day and we finished eating lunch on the water. My family and I then made our way to the Seattle Aquarium. We finished our day at the Sky View Observatory that overlooked Seattle after we ate a seafood dinner.

Space Needle

The second day in Seattle started with walking downtown and shopping. There were many popular stores that would suit anyone. Next, we went to the Space Needle. After a 45 minute wait and an elevator ride, we finally made it to the top. The view was beautiful, especially with Mount Rainier behind. We finished soaking in the views with a lunch in the tower.

Chihuly Glass Gardens

To finish our time in Seattle, we visited the Chihuly Glass Garden. Dale Chihuly is the sculptor of everything in the exhibit. It was amazing to see all of the different rooms filled will enormous glass sculptures. Next, we drove to the train station and took a five hour train ride up to Vancouver, Canada. Almost the whole trip was along the ocean and as it got darker, the northern skies became more mesmerizing. We arrived in Vancouver late at night and took a taxi to the hotel. The city was unlike any city I have ever been in just one ten minute ride.

Stanley Park

My family and I woke up in Vancouver early to view as much as we could. We partook in a "hop on, hop off" tour. Buses picked up an dropped off tourists in iconic spots in Vancouver. When you were done in one spot, they would take you to another. Stanley Park was our first stop. The park was wonderful. As we walked along the path, you saw the skyline, seaplanes take off, and so much more. My family and I stayed in the park for an hour until we stopped at other places, like Yaletown, Canada Place, Gastown, beaches, and eighteen others. This tour took us the whole day and we did not even finish!

Whale Watching in Vancouver

On the last full day of our trip, we made our way through Vancouver and to Steveston Village. We went on a five hour long whale watching tour where we were lucky enough to see seal, eagles, and killer whales. As we approached the killer whales, the guide noticed that the whales were currently hunting a seal. It was incredible to see nature working in front of my eyes. Surprisingly, gliding over the chopped waters was very soothing and we all got a short nap. When we returned, we walked around the small village until it started raining. The weather did not stop, so we concluded our trip by taking a ride on FlyOver Canada. It was a 30 minute virtual flight that showed us over all of Canada.


Overall, our journey to the Pacific Northwest was my favorite. Since there was too much to do in so little time, I hope to revisit soon. The highlights of my trip were the waterfalls in Oregon, the train ride to Vancouver, Stanley park, and a little market with amazing food that was available through a very small five passenger ferry ride in Vancouver.

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