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Sanford Meisner was a renowned acting teacher who utilized the importance of listening and "working off' the other actor and taught many greats. This story highlights his "technique" and gives insight to one of the greats for Hollywood.
One of the themes in Meisnered. --the film inside a film...
Since I wanted an acting role, I made a film to get one. Our acting/ film teacher said, "Don't wait for Hollywood to come to you."
'Getting Meisnered' Actresses, Writers and Producers making it happen. (L-R) Kellyann Chippendale, Keleign Kremers, Kat Fairway, Victoria Anne Greenwood
Kat Fairway ...Best Actress in San Diego International New Concept Film Festival
'Getting Meisnered' screened at North Hollywood's El Portal Theater for The Playhouse West Film Festival, where the film got its birth.
'Getting Meisnered' was selected to open the Monaco International Film Festival; the first non-violent film festival in the world. Our film won Best Producer, Independent Spirit Award and Best Supporting Actor awards.
Awards include Best Women Filmmakers, Best Cinematography, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Producer & Independent Spirit Award
'Meisnered.' was created and commissioned by Monaco International Film Festival to document the Monaco experience and the quest for peace through filmmakers. 'Meisnered.' was seen at Inner Child Training Symposium with Lucia Cappiacchione, Los Angeles' Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival (PTAFF) for Social Justice, New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, her alma mater, Kearny High School, Kearny, NJ, Esalen Inspirational Film Festival, Big Sur, CA and at The Hilton in Atlanta, GA.
Q&A with Tova Waiter at New York Film Academy Los Angeles, CA
I was able to go back to my hometown In Kearny, NJ and the local paper honored me with a front page cover story. Screening at my high school for 1600 students was such a great highlight; especially when they pair shared with one another creating dialogue and listening..
Kellyann Chippendale, Actor/Writer/Producer/Director, is now showing her film and speaking on the importance of listening, inspiration and dialogue for groups, schools and Universities. www.KellyannChippendale.com for more details.
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