Foods of South Sudan Michael cheong

Despite of their location, the cuisine was influenced by Arab traders and settlers during the Ottoman Empire, who introduced numerous spices, such as red pepper and garlic, as well as Levantine dishes.
Appetizers include Elmaraara and Umfitit, which are made from sheep's internal organs, which includes the lungs, liver, and stomach), onions, peanut butter, and salt. They are mostly eaten raw.
Sudanese have several distinct beverages that are made from some fruits that are grown in Sudan, such as Tabaldi, Aradaib, and Karkadai. Coffee is also a popular drink in Sudan. Eventhough alcohol is illegal is Sudan due to their religion, but people still make alcoholic beverages.
Bousbosa is a type of cake that is popular in Sudan. Kabaz is a type of cookie that is dipped in honey or syrup. The most popular dessert in Sudan is Moukhbaza, which is made from banana past.
Miris is a stew made from sheep's fat, onions, and dried okra. Sharmout Abiyad is made from dried meat, and Kajaik is made from dried fish. Soups are often served with bread.

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