Plan of Action Letter from the Founder

Rebuilding Trust
All Ways Your Coach

Dear Leftie, parent, friend, coach,

Successful coaching begins with trust. A player has to trust that their coach has their best interests at the forefront of the demands and instruction being asked of them. A coach must trust that the player will commit and dedicate themselves to their learning process so that he can take risks to challenge the player toward greatness.

Together the player, coach and parent walk a journey toward a goal evolving together with trust as the foundation. They will both commit to the partnership, honor the demands of their relationship and let the journey unfold knowing that each will grow in ways that will challenge their sense of self, if only they allow themselves to be changed by one another.

As with any journey; you need a map, a plan and an ability to adapt to the boulders, creeks, valleys and mountains that will present themselves which will challenge your resolve. Your faith to become one percent better everyday supports your struggles toward a better tomorrow.

As we renew LeftFoot Coaching Academy we build upon a coaching methodology that has contributed to the success of several Ms. Soccer's (now, four in two years), multiple State Champions and hundreds of successful experiences for coaches, players and families.

Two time State Champion Young Coach, Sydney Sherek with Class A & Class AA Ms. Soccer Hannah Cade & Aleksa Tataryn. All three are Hall of Fame inductees for 2016 and Lefties since 2010.

Our core foundation of success as it relates to our principles of coaching, values and technical expertise will form the foundation of our renewal, but as any seed grows into a tree, the fruits of our labor are based on nourishing our roots.

We will rebuild our coaching staff by eliminating mistakes from the past and focus on integrating our vision of future coaches by recognizing that our great coaches have come from the ranks of our students. Leftie #1, Dana Buckhorn, inspired a generation of Lefties and graduates college this spring. (pictured, Left)

Anna Morrison was in the same sessions with Bucky in 2010 and is one of our favorite first coaches to come from the Founding Members of 2010.

When I first worked with Dana in 2006 as a pesky U11, I knew the reason we loved working together; because I didn't have to win with her. It became the core value of LeftFoot Coaching Academy. I was able to create a space for her to love the challenges I'd set up for her. We inspired each other to get better. There was no rush.

Old school 2011 LeftFoot. Full field, two players, one coach. $25/session for an hour.

Now with hundreds of players that I've inspired and coached, we need to renew our path together knowing that we can't build a sustainable structure without a management team in place, a path for growth and core systems in place. We have to recognize that we're not on a three week plan of action right now-- but that we're on a three- year vision of the future of LeftFoot for coaches, players and families to call home. There are no shortcuts to long term success.

I welcome your participation through our new journey with several promises going forward.

What I'll promise you

  1. I will be coaching 15-20 hours a week beginning in November as the ONLY coach at LeftFoot. (you might like that, you might not)
  2. I will be stepping down from the CEO role as we transition to a new interim CEO, Chairman of the Board and management team that will be responsible for the company. We will introduce the new team soon. I will just coach.
  3. I will be "ALL IN" to make sure LeftFoot renews it's spirit, reclaims its culture, revitalizes the kids and regains your trust in our efforts.

What you agree to do

  1. Be patient as we reactivate our system to full health
  2. Help us. Recognize that we got knocked down -- we're back up, but we need to get our feet under us, so we need your support.
  3. Open your wallets and your hearts. Get on a Tuition Plan. We need your financial support and commitment.
All Ways Your Coach


Hall of Famer, Jessie Roux -Class of 2015 comes home to Minnesota during Christmas Break to get some "Christian time".

The Plan Forward

Membership Access

Anyone can purchase sessions through Front Desk until May 30th, 2017 regardless of Membership status.

  • Membership settings will be re-activated June 1st with the option to have a monthly membership payment as we regain your trust.
  • Single Price Visits will increase February 1st, 2017 to $55 to allow room for Tuition Plan students and manage capacity.
  • Future Membership will cap at 112 students to minimize demands and focus on sustainability.
  • We've limited scheduling demands to restrict capacity to what I can deliver.
  • We won't expand from our current schedule until at least 2018. Don't expect us to add classes.
  • The LeftFoot Fast-Pass™ will be significantly higher because of the short term commitment, quality of coaching, and premium environment and will be called LeftFoot Client Fast-Pass and LeftFoot Student Fast-Pass moving forward.
  • Primary programming will be Monday - Thursday, 3:45-8:00 pm
  • Sunday's will be every other week .
  • The LeftFoot Privado™ will be limited to five students Monday-Friday until April 1st, when new openings will be released.
Coachng Guidance
One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching programs outside of Christian's established Privado™ clientele will be suspended until the LeftFoot Coaching Licensing program enrolls it's first new coaches. Upon completion in January we will be opening Practicum Experience for One on One Coaching for new Licensed Coaches to practice One on One Coaching under the LeftFoot Licensing Model. Until then, our Academy Series, which is "private training with others" will suffice for the majority of students.

New Students

We'll be focusing on our clients that we want to bring back into the fold and start rebuilding toward a smaller Academy. Although Trials will still be open, we'll be focused on our current clients.

Tuition Plan Enrollments

LeftFoot 2017 reorganizes the LeftFoot Tuition concepts so that we're giving a great price on annual programming but getting our payments organized in eight installments through the year. With this adaptation to the Enrollment process we can only enroll "students" in four segments through the year in these Tuition Plans.

Working on the little things that Make a big difference begins with allowing yourself to change, adapt and listen

It's been a crazy road the past three years. In September of 2016 when I knew I was selling the building I had some deep insights about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and why I was regretting "what I didn't do right." Having the opportunity to focus on rebuilding LeftFoot has allowed me to integrate my life goals, with my family goals so that there's a balance. It's not easy to be vulnerable, alone and confused - yet I have a resonate clarity of what I did wrong and how to make up for it.

I know I can coach, develop kids, and make kids amazing soccer players. So let's just do that right now.

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