Mental Disorders - Pyromania Cory You and Anand Chunduri

Pyromania is the uncontrollable impulse to start fires. The real incidence of pyromania in the general population of the United States is relatively unknown. From the male juveniles arrested for acts of arson as a result of pyromania, 67% were below 15 years old and 35% were lower than 12 years old. There is little evidence of pyromania among adults. However, ninety percent of individuals diagnosed with pyromania are males.


  • Impulse Control Disorder
  • Falls on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Fascination or obsession with fire
  • Seek instant gratification by setting fires for enjoyment
  • Induce euphoria
  • Fixate on fire control establishments like firehouses, as well as firemen.



  • Treated by teaching problem-solving skills, anger management, and how to communicate their issues.


  • Harder to treat because problems are already ingrained and adult pyromaniacs tend to not cooperate.

Interesting Facts

1. Pyromaniacs are found most commonly in southern california, where several cult groups hold " bonfire parties " 2. Some find the warmth most arousing, but others enjoy risk 3. An alternative form of the disorder, Pyrophilia, causes the arousal by the fire to be sexual as opposed to relieving
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