Rome’s Geography by: Teagan

Mountain, River, Sea, plains

Mountains, rivers, oceans, and plains had a big impact on Italy


The Alps are craggy mountains that separate Italy from the land of the Europeans in the north. There are other mountains that goes all the way down to the boot from north to south these are the Apennines. The Apennines weren't that rugged witch made it easy to cross. As a result, the people whom settled in Italy weren't as spread out as other places such as Greece was. The mountains slopes level off to large flat plains that are ideal for growing crops.


The main river is the Tiber River, but further up north there is another river called Po River. enough from the sea to escape raids by pirates. People could easily cross the Tiber River. As a result lots of people travailing would stop by.


Italy is a peninsula witch is land that has 3 sides that touch water. The water souses that touch it are the Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Adriatic Sea.


They have rich soil that is good for crops. They built on seven hills on purpose. The hills were very steep, making it easy to defend the city against enemy attack. Romans grew olives and grapes.


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