Spirit of the Mountains 2015

Sunshine Village

Probably one of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever laid eyes on. For those who have never been to the top of a mountain in the middle of a winter you are truly missing out. The view is only half of the experience, the mindful meditation that you get from just sitting your ass in the deep soft snow and breathing the cool brisk air while completely forgetting about everything else in life is what will truly bring you the full satisfaction

Money can buy you a lot of things, but it sure can't buy you happiness. At least not forever anyways. But I'll tell you what makes me happy... this right here. I remember this moment like it was yesterday. I had found some super deep soft snow that not too many ppl had discovered and I rode that same spot for over an hour and enjoyed every single ride even more than the first. I took a moment to rest my legs and just embrace the feeling I had at this very moment because no matter what has happened in my past and no matter what might happen in the future wasn't going to remotely effect the feeling of joy I had this very moment and I will never forget it.

Being a Jeep owner I had to truly enjoy this photo I took because it not only displayed the versatility of a Jeep it just added the surreal visual of an amazing real life background with a vehicle that was made to explore the outdoors which both compliment my very own existence on this planet.

Kicking Horse Resort, Golden BC

These photos were bunched together because they cover fear, humour and natural beauty. That rock cliff is one of the most natural ski jumps I have ever seen. It was located just below the chairlift so you had lot's of time to admire the fear and braveness it would take for someone to launch themselves off of it. The photo of myself on the left was taken because the drinks were going down better than the snowfall that day and my snowboard may or may not have spent the night right in that exact same spot where I left it at 4 pm the day before. (One very lucky and happy person in that photo) Last but not least is the train photo. I had just finished a weekend filled with unbelievable riding and unbelievable laughter and this photo shows the Sunday traffic being held up at a bridge near the bottom of the mountain and the weather was super mild and the sun was shining just perfectly almost as if God himself planned for that train to drive by just so I could get out and take in one last memory of this amazing weekend. I thank him greatly for moments like these.

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Kurtis Dulle

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