War of the Roses By autumn basler

The Houses

The house of York was represented by the white rose.

The house of Lancaster was represented by the red rose

There was two house, The house of York and The house of Lancaster

Henry VI vs. Edward IV

Henry the VI had a Mental Illness

Edward IV was the king for much of the war he was the first York king

Richard III Guilty or not?

Richard III could have had something to do with killing the Princes
There was a good chance that Richard III ordered the death of the princes because he wanted to be king

Battle of Bosworth Field

Richard III was killed in the battle of Bosworth

The battle was fought between Henry Tutor and Richard III

Henry Tutor won the battle and became king

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

The Tutor rose was made out of both the Red and the White Rose

Married his cousin so that he could consolidate the throne

Henry Tudor won the battle of Bosworth and claimed the throne


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