How would you describe the lines in this picture? The shapes? The colors? What does this painting show? - the lines in this picture are not very straight, they have a little bit of jaggedness to them to create the curves of the mountains, the shapes are all sort of triangles and there are also a few rectangle shapes, the colors i used are black, grey and white. this painting shows Plateaus.-- Look at this painting for a moment. What observations can you make about it? -There is a lot of value used in it.-- How would you describe the people in this picture? Are they like you or different?- there are no people, they are different from me because they do not exist. :)

What does this painting remind you of?-mountains in west virginia!!-- How is this picture different from real life?- The mountains are overly exaggerated, not very realistic but still realistic at the same time.--What interests you most about this work of art? - the detailing in the value.

What can you tell me about the colors in this painting?- the colors are very neutral and help the painting become more realistic.--What color is used the most in this painting?- Black--What do you think is the most important part of this picture?- the shading on the mountains and the mountain with the most shading on it.

Pretend you are inside this painting. What does it feel like?- very calm and relaxing.-- What title would you give to this painting? What made you decide on that title?- plateau nightmare, because there is a lot of black used and that is relative to night time and scary things.--What other titles could we give it?- gone with the wind.

Why do you think other people should see this work of art?- because it is very nice and beautiful.--What would you do with this work if you owned it?- sale it to someone for a lot of money.--What do you think is worth remembering about this painting?-Brianna Brewer, a very talented artist, painted it. ; )

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