Skin Cancer Seven Simons

How Did Skin Cancer Get Its Name?

Skin Cancer got its name from how skin cells and DNA get damaged when the sunlight hits your skin.

What Exactly Is Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer is an abnormal growth in skin cells.

What Health Problems Does Skin Cancer Cause?

When the sunlight hits the victim's skin, it will damage the skin cells and DNA, causing abnormal rashes or moles

What Goes Wrong To Cause Skin Cancer?

What happens is skin cells uncontrollably multiply, causing the skin to be very sensitive to radiation. With that, when someone with Skin Cancer goes outside, the sun's rays hit the skin cells, and the DNA gets damaged. Which can cause, like I said before, abnormal moles or rashes.

Do I Know Anyone With Skin Cancer?

Actually in a matter of fact, I do know a person with Skin Cancer. She is my friend, Amber's mother Jennifer Shwoyer. Because of her Skin cancer she can't go on vacation.

Does Skin Cancer Effect A Certain Type Of Person, For Example, Gender?

No it doesn't matter who you are. You can be really healthy and still have Skin Cancer. It usually happens when a person is in the house without light or windows, or Outside all the time without sun protection material.

How Often Does Skin Cancer Occur?

76,380 cases of Skin Cancer have been diagnosed in the United States of America.

Is There A Cure For Skin Cancer?

Unfortunately, there is not a cure for Skin Cancer. However, there are many treatments. One of them is a pill called pembrolizumab. That is for those who take chemotherapy. The other treatment is called prior therapy.

Is Skin Cancer Fatal?

Eventually, Skin Cancer can become fatal. People with Skin Cancer can live for five to ten years.

Does Skin Cancer Run In The Family?

Skin Cancer does not run in DNA it only damages DNA, therefore no it does not run in the family.

Are There Enviromental Causes Being Researched About Skin Cancer?

People with Skin Cancer should stay indoors or at least cover up in sneakers long jeans and a hoddie. (HAVE to put your hood up!)

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