Ellie Hulun's Monthly Headlines March 2017

It’s a Small World After All

On Wednesday, March 1st I got to go to the happiest place on earth… Disney World! Magic Kingdom was the 1st park we attended. I went with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa Ace and Grandma Goldie. It was so much fun! I got to ride Winnie the Pooh, The Tea Cups, Flying Dumbo. We then had lunch and I took a little nap on Mommy while everyone was watching Mickey’s PhilharMagic Concert. After that we headed to It’s a Small World, It was pretty nice that I got to nap on Mommy while we waited in line. Just one of the many perks of being cute and little :) . I woke as we got closer and I’m glad I did because it was a fun ride! We got on a little boat and there were all these little dolls from all around the world, dressed in bright costumes, singing a fun song. It ended up being my favorite ride! After that we headed to Peter Pan’s Flight, The Tiki Room and Pirates of the Caribbean. Boy was I one tired baby! We then headed to Main Street for Dinner at Tony’s. I was so afraid i was going to miss something so as soon as we were seated I woke up. That’s okay because I then got to have dinner with everyone. I had a bottle and puffs while everyone else enjoyed their Italian cuisine. After dinner I was nice and full so I finally passed out while Daddy got a coffee. Mommy and Daddy then had one more fast pass for the Haunted Mansion so while they went to go ride that, I stayed and napped with Grandpa Ace and Grandma Goldie. We ended up finding the perfect spot for fireworks. I woke up a little bit before Mommy and Daddy got back, as I didn’t want to miss the fireworks! Everyone got some ice cream, I even got to have a little taste :). And then the show started. The fireworks were big bright over the castle lighting up the sky. I enjoyed the show as I watched in aww! Over all it was a wonderful day.

Magic Kingdom, We've Arrived!

Winnie the Pooh... My 1st Ride!

In line for the tea cups.

That was fun Grandapa Ace!

Pose for the camera 😜

Time for Flying Dumbo
Wait, I can't see... the sun is in my eyes.
In line for It's a Small World
Just waiting and looking cute 😉
Wow... look at at the bright colors
That was a fun ride... I think it was my favorite 😊
Lunch time
Got enough napkins there Grandpa Ace???

Time for some fireworks... when are they going to start?



That's pretty cool!

One tired little mouse!

Thursday we had a brunch reservation at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Hotel. And that is where it happened. I got to meet him… the man, the myth, the legend…. MICKEY MOUSE!!! I also got to meet Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Pluto. It was so much fun they all came to my table where I got to see them, they signed my ears and i got to get my picture with them. I was amazing!...that was enough excitement for one day. I mean how do you top meeting Mickey Mouse?!?! SO we decided to have a down day and went back to the hotel and went to the pool. I got dressed up in my mermaid swim suit and my sun hat and we relaxed and went for a swim. It was a fun pool with a pirate ship and an area where i could sit and splash in the water. It was nice to just chill out.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!...


Chef Mickey

Pool Time

Sitting pool side

Check out this beach bod...

Friday we did some shopping at Disney Springs and switched hotels. Saturday we went to Hollywood studios where I got to see Mickey Mouse Club House, my favorite show! We headed to Animal Kingdom afterwards where we walked around, saw some animals, saw the Nemo show and had another Character Dinner where I once again got to see Micky Mouse and his friends. Me and Mickey are becoming real good friends! Daddy says who knew it could cost so much to see a mouse! But it’s not just any mouse…It’s Mickey! On Sunday we went to Epcot where it was the International Garden Festival. It was so pretty with all the flowers and I got to visit many countries like, Canada, England, France, Italy, Morocco, Germany, Japan, China, Norway, and Mexico. Monday was suppose to be our down day but I ended up with a little cold and had a fever so Mommy and Daddy took me to urgent care, thinking it may have been my ear infection flaring back up, but it was not. I guess if there was any day to get sick that was the day. We just hung out and rested at the hotel. Then Tuesday we hit the road and headed back home.

Hollywood Studios

Waiting for Mickey Mouse Club House

Animal Kingdom

On to Animal Kingdom...

My Mommy and Daddy

Waiting for the Nemo Show

Meeting Donald... he likes to play peek a boo!

Grandpa Ace, let's see more characters...


This little one is tuckered out!

Fancy Brunch

Top of the Contemporary Hotel


It was the flower and garden festival... Beautiful flowers everywhere!

Pretty Flowers


Shopping in Morroco.

Daddy and Grandpa Ace rocking the Fez.


Living Seas

I like to look at fish

I can touch it

Nemo ride

Over all it was a fun trip. I got to see and do so many things and meet my favorite celebrity of all time, Mickey Mouse! I may be too young to remember it but Daddy took lots of pictures to look back on and I’m sure this will not be our last trip to Disney :).

This Princess Has Some News…

The onesie say it all! In case you’ve been living under a rock or just haven’t talked to Mommy or Daddy in awhile, I’m going to be big sister!!! I’m not sure exactly what this means or what I’m in for (in fact I don’t even think Mommy and Daddy know what they are in for) but we are excited. I have been told that #2 (that’s what I’m calling the new baby as I’m #1) will be a girl just like me. So I will have a little sister to play with and Daddy will get to have lots of nail painting and tea parties :). We are expecting her arrival early September. So get ready! If you thought I was cute there will be double the cuteness coming your way.

Not sure how I feel about this news...
Get ready Mommy and Daddy! It will be 2x's the fun 😁.

8 Months Old

Hard to believe I’m 8 months old, not really as it does come after 7 and I was seven months old last month, so the next logical thing would be 8. I’m getting so big and Mommy and Daddy say it’s going so fast. At 8 months old I can crawl on all 4s and am really fast. I’m into everything I can get my hands on! I pull up to my knees all the time and some times to standing, however that takes a lot more work. I like taking big girl baths (sitting up without my bath chair) and playing with rubber ducky. I have started to eat more solid foods like carrots, green beans , noodles, and cheese but i have to admit I do prefer my food pureed. I love to clap, give high 5’s and kisses.

My 8 month old photo shoot

I can do a straddle
Bows are not my favorite
Kisses for Mr. Froggy
Maybe he will turn into a prince?
I'll just take that

More photos

St. Patrick's Day

The cutest little leprechaun 🍀

Got into a fight with some blueberries...

Happy after nap time.

All Smiles

You caught me!

I'm into everything!!!

Just watching some Mickey Mouse Club House and eating some puffs

I love puffs!

I can feed myself... when I want to.

Playing with Hayden in my old play yard.

I'm cute (and I know it).

I can even drink from a sippy cup.

Rubber Ducky...
You taste so good!
A little playtime before bath time.
Hello Hayden
Doggie Kisses
My new play yard.
Sleeping Beauty

Some videos for your viewing pleasure!

I can clap!

Blowing raspberries

Splish Splash

Get up, stand up

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