Creating a Book Trailer Mrs. Wilson

Step 1: Storyboarding

Remember: Turn in your storyboards to Ms. Lepp!

Step 2: Choose Your Platform and CREATE!

EASY TO USE! This program helps you to create "slides" that are blended together into a film that you voice record or overlay music to. End products are similar to the Stoller examples above.

Simply log in with your Google IDs to save time, rather than making a separate account.

Recorded Tutorial

This program offers two options for the film: one similar to Adobe Spark that is like an animated Powerpoint (see the Stoller examples above for how awesome these look!), or one that allows you to upload video footage in addition to those slides.

This software offers more options than Adobe Spark for customizing your project, but consequently is more difficult to use and navigate (but not by a whole lot).

**Note about the trial version: the only thing this means is that there will be a watermark (small logo) on your video that says "Animoto." It doesn't detract from the video at all.

This resource is largely for book trailers that are utilizing footage shot with your phones or other cameras (similar to iMovie but this one works on Chromebooks). While this software is the most complex on my list, as there are a lot of functions available, the end products are highly customizable.

Upload your shot footage (shoot only in landscape so that it will work!), and you can cut, move, and manipulate it!

See the following video for an overview of feature related to creating a book trailer:


Contact Mrs. Wilson at or find her in E13.


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