Welcome to this exciting match against Southwark Lancers. Today is the start of a very important four-week period in our Club’s history as on 8th February we are playing Old Whitgiftian in the semi-final of the London division National Junior vase and then on the 15th of February we are playing Kings College hospital.

Southwark Lancers are top of Kent 1 and KCH are currently second whilst we are third.

Three points separate all three teams. Southwark are a very good side and deserve to be at the top but of course it is our ambition to be promoted and today will be a stern test of character for our team.

We welcome Kevin Willis as our referee today and we wish him well. I know that we will of course accord Kevin total respect both during and after the game.

Last weekend the 1sts defeated old Gravesendians 50 – 0; the Nomads beat Edenbridge 38-7 and Cranbrook ladies beat Worthing 44 –0. The Nomads do not have a game today as Gravesend thirds have withdrawn from the league.

In early January James Fraser and I had the pleasure of addressing the Cranbrook and Sissinghurst parish council meeting about the plans for the development of our ground and our hope for close ties with the community. The presentation was well received and amongst the discussions afterwards it was suggested that our juniors could use the Bull Field for training on a Sunday. The Bull Field is very close to our clubhouse and would allow some of our junior teams to train and then naturally come back to the clubhouse afterwards. The field at Rammell is often perceived as being too far away.

We have been invited to send regular contributions to that excellent magazine the Parish Cake and I know that both the ladies and the minis have put forward articles for the next issue. Our proposed facility with the current parking ability for 293 cars is something that we can promote within the Community.

The next club lunch is on the 15th of February and I ask that should you wish to attend you send those details to Chris Hambridge on chris@mcveighparker.co.uk as soon as possible.

I return from New Zealand on the morning of the 8th of February and look forward to seeing you all at the game that day Should we win that game against Old Whitgiftian we would then be in the London final on the 14th of March and thereafter we would proceed to the semi-finals of the National competition. We will not think ahead but it is a tantalising prospect.

Future Dates

1st February 1sts v Whitstable away. 2.30 PM

Nomads away at Ash. 2.30 PM

2nd February Cranbrook ladies v Worthing Ladies away. 2pm

8th February 1sts v Old Whitgiftian (RFU Junior National Vase) home. 2 PM

Nomads away at Bexley (Kent Salver). 2 PM

9th February Cranbrook ladies v St Francis Ladies home. 2pm

15th February 1sts v Kings College at home. 2 PM

#Strengthandhonour 'Oneclub

Tim Fagg


Fergy Gask Memorial

For all those who would like to attend Fergy Gask’s memorial-Ferg’s memorial is now set at St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, Kent. The date is 31st January and the time is 14:00, dress code formal. Absolutely no flowers to the family please. If people want to give anything, please make a donation to the Royal Marines Association.


Great wins against OGs (50-0) and Edenbridge (38-7)

Concussion Awareness

Concussion is very much part of rugby nowadays, which in many cases can be put down to poor tackling technique. A very useful guide can be viewed in the RFU's online "Headcase" e-learning programme at

which I would advise any prospective coach/referee/teacher or fan of the game to complete. It's also worth pointing out that concussion can occur in any physical sport or in every day life and is not just confined to the great game of rugby.

What is concussion?

Sport related concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting from a blow to the head or body which results in forces being transmitted to the brain. This typically presents as a rapid onset of short-lived impairment of brain function that resolves spontaneously.

This impairment results from a functional disturbance, rather than a structural injury, and no abnormality is seen on standard hospital scans. A range of signs and symptoms are typically seen, affecting the player's thinking, memory, mood, behaviour, level of consciousness, and various physical effects. Clear loss of consciousness occurs in less than 10% of cases.

Recovery typically follows a sequential course over a period of days or weeks, although in some cases symptoms may be prolonged.

Concussion in Rugby

How common is concussion in rugby?

Concussions occur in everyday life and not just in sport. As a contact sport, rugby does involve frequent body impacts and a risk of accidental head impacts, and therefore a significant potential risk of concussion.

According to the data collected through the RFU’s Community Injury Surveillance & Prevention Programme (CRISP) in age grade rugby (age 15 – 18) the most recent rate shown equates to 1 concussion per team every 10 games and 1 concussion per team every 25 games in adult male rugby. In professional rugby it is 1 every 2-3 team games.

The rise in the rates seen since 2012/13 are almost certainly due to the increased awareness and the much lower threshold for suspecting concussion, and reflect the success of the awareness and education programmes, and media coverage.

Concussion and the RFU

The RFU recognises that concussion is an important player welfare issue in rugby, and takes its responsibilities very seriously. The RFU has a comprehensive risk management strategy which covers the key priorities of:

• Education & Awareness,

• Prevention,

• Management,

• Research,

• Communication.

The strategy is managed and monitored by the RFU Concussion Risk Management Group, The Group is supported by an Independent Concussion Expert Panel advising on concussion policy and monitoring emerging research, and the Economist Health Intelligence Unit who, on a six-monthly basis, provide summaries of all research published, and a qualitative analysis of the key studies.

As coaches, referees, medics, parents and supporters of the game we all have a responsibility to act early and make sure that all players only return if fit and healthy. I would urge everyone to al least view the online piece via the link above.




Good luck lads!
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