Purpose Jake Strand

my life purpose is to design clothing so for my purpose summative I have chosen to describe a shirt and its parts and show how a shirt can have the same pieces as a human.

The tag of a shirt shows your name, your family, and where you came from. It shows your financial status and your taste.

The accessories on the piece show your creativity. Whether it has a pocket a pouch or a hood the accessories show how you can be different.

The style of the shirt shows what the purpose of the garment is. While everything else is aesthetic the style is the base and when you compare it to yourself it shows your purpose as well.

Colors show mood, If you feel more quiet and down you are more likely to dress in darker color and if you are happier you will probably dress in brighter colors.


Created with images by laverrue - "James, I think your cover's blown!" • victorismaelsoto - "Raf Simons: Teenage Summercamp (Spring/Summer 1997)" • victorismaelsoto - "Raf Simons Redux" • victorismaelsoto - "Raf Simons: Teenage Summercamp (Spring/Summer 1997)" • victorismaelsoto - "Arena Homme Plus Spring/Summer 1999"

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