Your Summer Opportunities By nika bondar

Looking for academic enrichment programs outside of your district? Almost all UC's and CSU's offer some sort of high school academic programs. In particular, Berkeley offers online and on campus intensive college equivalent courses in a variety of subjects including some not offered at HHS. Summer sessions at Berkeley vary in duration - from the minimum of three to the maximum of twelve weeks. All courses are relatively high priced with a $550 per unit fee, $450 registration fee and $60 document management fee.
Another option for academic enrichment is taking classes at community colleges. De Anza offers courses to FUHSD students almost at no charge. Similarly to Berkeley, De Anza offers online and on campus classes. Admission is now open however registration for concurrent high school students opens June 3rd.
Internships and research programs are highly recommended for students interested in STEM related careers. One of the best internships is offered at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, some previous knowledge or experience in the medical field is recommended. The internship requires a significant time commitment however it allows students to gain real life experience in the medical field.
Various organizations apart from the medical field are offering students a chance to participate in job shadow or professional training programs. One example of this is the New York Times Summer Academy which offers specialty courses for students interested in careers in journalism, creative writing and media. The course requires the students to complete an admission process and the duration of the course vary depending on the subject. Although, like Berkeley this opportunity is significantly more high priced, with a 4 week program amounting to $11,650.
A recommended option for teens ready to work during the summer is to take up jobs as coaches, tutors, camp counselors and babysitters. Students with special skills or experiences in the athletic field, art fields, music and academics usually can earn additional money by utilizing their talents to mentor younger children.
For students looking to develop on their personal hobbies and interests summer is an excellent opportunity to join a camp or an organization which offers classes in that specific field. Coding camps, theatrical camps, 3-D design camps are all examples of ways to broaden your personal interests and perhaps become a part of an award winning project.
Finally, last but not least, any student over 16 is eligible for a number of easy admission jobs in retail stores, fast food chains, restaurants and so forth. Although some professions may require a time consuming preliminary training, getting a job while still in high school is a great way to show colleges you are a mature, valuable and responsible employee.