Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality is defined as: The disparity in status , power, and prestige between people who identify as men and women.

Modern Day Gender Inequality: Examples of modern day gender inequality are: witch sex makes the most money? most people would say men but.... almost 40% of wives make more than their husbands. there are almost 60% of u.s. college students are women. men would say that women are the ones to clean all the time, what i say is men have arms, legs, and brains they are totally capable of cleaning as well.

The colors people think of according genders.
witch gender is smarter?
Gender Divide.
differences .
Its a mans world

Historical gender inequality: Through out history, women have faced discrimination- from lack of legal rights and very little independents from their husbands, to being thought to have inferior minds. in many societies, women have long been viewed as less then fully human.

women suffrage.
Equal pay.
definition of inequality.
Votes for women.
End sex discrimination.

General gender inequality: American society has come a long way in recognizing and protecting women humanity and human rights. how ever women will always be fundamentally different than men because of their ability to bear children.

why women?
war on women
who makes more?
women can do just as much.


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