positive service; positive attitude Emily Butler

When you are greeted with an inviting smile, friendly gesture, helpful guidance, or an understanding conversation, you automatically feel more happy and positive, feeling good. Feeling positive from positive service,

Concierge Service: Vidanta Resort, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Early this year, in the month of March, I visited Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico at one of the Vidanta Resorts. I had a fabulous time in paradise and enjoyed each and every moment, each staff member at the resort was an outstanding worker and performed impeccable customer service. Though, one in particular stood out, our concierge on our floor. Each and every day she would greet us with a bright smile and even greeted us with our names and knew our interests, which came into great help when we were figuring out what we wanted to do. Also, my brother had an up and coming birthday, and the worker went of her way and on her own time; after her work hours, to decorate our room for his birthday. These actions put me in a great mood, and of course makes me want to go back to this resort.

Willing Assistance: Hill's Resort, Priest Lake, Idaho

Two summers ago I decided I wanted to get healthier and drink a ton more water, I was doing pretty good, logging my water of 64 oz. each day, and I decided I could take a little break from the intense structure. It was the 3rd of July, the day before Independence Day, and business was booming up at Priest Lake. We were at my family's favorite beach, that just so happens to also be a a resort, with a restaurant, that I spend countless hours of my life at. I was out on the paddle board when all of sudden I felt the sudden feeling of sickness, and needing to go to the bathroom immediately, I paddled to shore as fast as I could and signaled my mom, displaying my sickness. She rushed to my side and we ran up to the resort and the lobby, to the bathrooms. All of the bathrooms were filled, and I was about to puke all over the nice carpet, my mom started panicking when she met eyes with the resort owner, but also a friend of ours. She motioned to the door that led into their house and said "go", we then proceeded into their house where I laid and you know.....(got sick) in their house. The owners, and their staff multiple times came to see if I was okay, got me water, and fans, helping me and displaying great customer experience. Making me always thankful to go back there, feeling safe, happy, and most of all positive.

Hungry Stomachs; Negative Times

One time, on one of the many road trips my family was on, my family and I were incredibly hungry and stopped at a road side diner somewhere in the middle of Wyoming. We were staving and I mean starving! We each were greeted with a lazy and grumpy face that gave us a preface into what the night was going to be like. The staff was not nice to us what-so-ever and gave the impression of not wanting us or them to be there. When we got ready to order they would simply say that they were out of it or that they did not have a certain ingredient from that item. There was no positive experience in this, and we left hungry, negative, and tired.

With this, it is clear to see that the way positive and negative experiences shape you, the business, and your perspective on the business. Each and every experience is vital to each and every business. WHich is why great customer experience is the most important in a business. that being said a

positive service results in a positive attitude.

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