The Harn Museum Alexandra Miller

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Everyone views artwork through a different lense. When I look at artwork, I look for abstract, modern work. I really like pieces that stand out and catch my eye. While in the museum, I noticed that every piece of art involves a different style. I saw pieces ranging from a picture of city life to a statue of Ghanda. I loved the unique ideas and mixture of themes within the museum. Looking at the New York painting below, I noticed how the artist used a smudging, blurred look to create the piece. I loved the way in which he used a more natural, smudged look to create such a pristine image. The smudged technique really depicts the city life and what I think of when people mention the words New York. The smudge, carefree look is the personality that describes the people of New York. I recently visited New York and the city was full of artsy galleries and hipster people. This loose, carefree image is something I admire and really enjoyed touching on when I looked at the artist's technique.

Manhattan by George Grosz

Design of the Museum

The museum was laid out very well. There was a good mix of artwork in addition to a varied layout of pieces throughout the museum. The way in which they displayed the artwork left me with a feeling of satisfaction with the amount of artwork displayed. The walls were filled with enough artwork to look full but not feel overcrowded. Also, the empty halls made the museum feel spacious even though the museum was not that big.

A random hallway in the Harn Museum

Art and Core Values

My favorite piece of art was the very first piece I saw when I walked inside the Harn museum. It was a beautiful sculpture looking piece of art that I have shared below. I loved the way in which the piece resembled a modern piece of artwork and was something I have never seen before. The way in which the artist designed the piece is really fascinating. Up close, it almost looks as if the art is multiple pieces stuck together and from far away it looks like a colorful wall. The dimensions and shadows casted on the wall behind really add to the artwork. It really adds to the 3-D effect of the art.

Art and the Good Life

Inside the museum, I found a sculpture of the Budha. This sculpture reminded me of the book we read called Siddartha. Siddartha's journey is so much like my own life. Siddartha began his journey in search of enlightenment and took on this adventure alone. Not too long ago, I left my home and started a new life here in Gainesville. I am on a path in search of my future, in the hopes of becoming a doctor one day. This artwork relates to the seeking module. We as people journey through life in search of the goodlife. I am seeking to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor and in the the book Siddartha, Siddartha sought to reach enlightenment.

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