Sea Otter Population Elizabeth WIllis & Abby Loats

Sea otter population has been rising to the point where it may be possible to remove them from the endangered species list.

Sea otter population used to be abundant along the coast of California, however the population size was greatly decreased by fur trade in the early 1900's.

Sea otters' emigration has kept the the amount of resources stable, and kept them from depleting resources in one particular area.

Sudden immigration of sea otters into the California coast has caused the availability of resources to decrease dramatically.

The fact that they can only give birth to one pup at a time can cause a slow increase in population.

Due to land-based disease and parasites, the population of sea otters has become less dense.

Otters suffer from oil spills.

Habitat loss and coastal oil spills has also greatly decreased the sea otter population.

Because of a slow birth rate, lack of space, and food the sea otters' population is increasing in a logistical manner.

If sea otters were eliminated in California, it would be catastrophic to the kelp forest ecosystem which, in turn would affect many other species.
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Elizabeth Willis

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