Stella the Travel Guide Ancient egypt

Come with me to explore some of the amazing artifacts from ancient Egypt.

First up, the well known Egyptian pyramids. Pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs and queens. With the body, others possessions were brought with them to go to the underworld. Sadly, cats, dogs, and others animals would join the body along with riches like coins, gold, and jewelry.

The Sphinx is up next representing the true essence of Egypt for now thousands of years. Some parts of the body has been chipped away from being worn down and being used as target practice by the Turks in the Turkish period.

Each person in ancient Egypt had a job. These jobs include scribes, farmers, priests, and of course the pharaohs. All of these jobs have helped ancient India develop.

The Anubis is one of the most iconic Egyptian gods of all times. It's job is to be the guardian or protector of the dead. There was thought that he was the son of Ra, a sun god, and his wife.

Well thank you for joining me on this amazing journey of ancient Egypt. Goodbye for now and thanks again!


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