J. McIntyre

Card 1: Line & Rhythm Card 2: Shape & Movement Card 3: Form & Proportion Card 4: Color & Unity Card 5: Space & Balance Card 6: Texture & Repetition Card 7: Value & Pattern Card 8: Variety Card 9: Emphasis

Write what you learned as you explored the Elements of Art and Principles of design cards. Use as many vocabulary words as possible. Write what you found most challenging about monoprinting.

What I learned about the Elements of Art is, that it's more than drawing on a piece of paper. I learned that art has lots of meaning to it, and what type of objects to use in monoprinting , learning how to draw hearts continents shapes on my value & proportion cards, coming up with imaginable ideas to paintings. Monoprinting is very challenging because of

Post a completed card. Write about your favorite card that you created and what you learned about the Element of art/Principle of design it represents. Use as many vocabulary words as possible.

My favorite card is the Shape & Movement card,because of the texture and shapes. The texture features colors such as, blue, red, and purple all mixed together. The blue paint is a very rough and bumpy ,red has a very bright color to it and the purple has a dark tone to it and it's liquidly, and soft. The sun and the planets are round shapes with different colors on them. Then I added the small white stars to the card, and they float around the planets and the sun and it brings out the movement.

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