World War 1 by matthew r. usher

The Assassination of franz ferdinad

Franz Ferdinand was a archduke of Austria hungry until him and his wife was assassinated. (click on the video for more information)

Treaty of Versailles

at the end of ww1 there was a peace treaty between Germany and allied powers.(click on the videos for more information).

Home front

it made a massive change in the role of women, also it shows how people were rationing supplies to send the the soldiers who were in the battle front.

trench warfare

its a type of land warfare which use occupied fighting lines that protect soldiers from small arms and from artillery.(click on the video for more information).

what was African Americas role in world war 1

  • More then 350,000 Africans Americans served as segregated units in world war one
  • most African Americans didn't see no reason for america to be included in the war


In June 28, 1914 Franz Ferdinand along with his wife was assassinated.After the assassination occur Austria hungry declare war Serbia witch begins the first world war. there was the triple alliance witch was Italy ,Austria hungry and Germany and there was the triple entente witch was Russia, France and great Britain.during 1914 trough 1918 the home front was for to to save supply's and give to the soldiers who went to war. the treat of Versailles was for to make peace with Germany.trough ww1 African Americans had a big impact in the war. African Americans in south immigrated to the north to fight for there country. in world one their were a few first African Americans who who fly in the us army.the united ships were attack by German submariners, then the united states went to war. one of the major battles in ww1 was the spring started in march 21 1918, after the war there were 1,539,715 total casualties.during this war German troops push towards the end of the and ending up losing 680,000 of its men. an other major battle in

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