The Nazis by William W. Lace

" Arbeit Macht Frei" . This was a common saying by the entrances of many concentration camps. "Means work set you free".

Hitler ruled over Germany from the years 1933 when the president had died to 1945 when he committed suicide after Russian troops surrounded the city.

Who was Adolph Hitler ? He was a ruthless leader who's plan to eliminate all Jews from the country caused one of the most horrific mass killings of 1 set of people in history.

The party he resided over was the "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , or simply know as the "Nazi Party" . They used violence to move their way up to rule over Germany

Here is a picture of Jewish kids being forced out there homes and rounded up , being taking to one of the many concentration camps.

The Star of David , a jewish symbol that became known worldwide because of the struggle with the german people and the jews

Death Camps became very common around Germany , Austria and Poland. All these kids are jews , most likely awaiting their deaths.

Adolph Hitler also used violence to gain what he wanted. Germany was at war between the years 1937-1945. There objective was to increase their lebensraum or "living space" .

Did Germany succeed in their plans? No , after countless battles lost , The Russian army took over Berlin and ended the Nazi rule in Germany for good. Hitler committed suicide before they could capture him.

What was the outcome of all this? Over 7 million jews has perished because of the ruthlessness of Hitler and his people. It took many years until Germany could return the normal . No one will ever forget this.

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