Hit Count Author: Chris Lynch

GENRE This book is about a boy who plays high school football. It is a sports novel about football. It is written for teenagers.

SUMMARY Arlo has so much natural talent, and wants to use it to become the best linebacker the game of football has ever seen. He has always followed his brother's love for the game of football. But Lloyd begins going down in life. While at the same time Arlo keeps progressing on the field.

He loved the game of football

Author Summary The author is Chris Lynch. He has written several books for teenagers. He was born July 2, 1962. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He went to Emerson College. He teaches at Lesley University as of 2011.

Characters Arlo is the main character he is a high school boy who plays football. Lloyd is his brother who introduces him to the game of football. Sadie is Arlo's girlfriend who is supportive and proud of his football success. His mom and dad are in the book often but it does not mention their names. His dad supports him playing football. But his mom does not support it.

Arlo is an unstoppable athlete on the field. But his high hit count, and rough style of play get him into trouble. With his coaches, his girlfriend, his friends, and his family.

The primary conflict is his rough style of play and how it affects him physically and mentally. It is resolved by him getting suspended. Then eventually gets kicked off of the football team.

The setting is based in Texas. In Austin, a big football town. He grew up around the game of football. It is set in the present. The setting of Austin, Texas helps establish that it was relevant that he be good at football, if he wanted to amount to anything.

"I only drank half a pint just there." shows that his life is going in a downward spiral (PG. 6) "I want to play the damn safety position the way it was supposed to be played." shows that his concussion is affecting him(PG. 7).

I think the book is a good read for anyone of any age. it teaches us that wanting to be the best can be a good thing and a bad thing.



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