High Rise View From Atlantic Station Model | Renee Knorr & Fashion Designer | Linda Bezuidenhout

Photo shoot near the poolside in Atlanta, Georgia

Lovely Atlanta in the background
Renee strikes a pensive pose.
Go with the flow of the color of red.

She gathers her thoughts

She turns and swirls effortlessly with grace

The brilliant smile of excitement

The look of determination

She is in control of her movements

Another pause of deep thoughts

She makes her move.

The color red makes a statement against the background of the city of Atlanta.

Behind the Scenes with Model: Renee Knorr and Fashion Designer Linda Bezuidenhout

More scenes to be added to this presentation but in the meantime. Why not visit that folks who made it happen.


E37 Photography by Ralph Williams in Atlanta Inquiries email e37photos@gmail.com

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