Hocus Pocus Pops 2017 10/13/17

We love Hocus Pocus Pops because it gives families and friends a chance to come together under the banner of The Arts and make memories they won't forget.

Some groups found a spot on the lawn, grabbed a free lawn chair and made themselves at home. Others spent their time enjoying a bevy of pre-show activities in our plazas. We love show nights because The Pavilion comes to life when people - especially little costumed people - fill it. Hocus Pocus Pops was no exception.

Hocus Pocus Pops gives everyone a reason to enjoy The Arts.

Whether they came for the games and stayed for the show or visa versa, we were thrilled to watch nearly 8000 people file into The Pavilion's gates to enjoy a spectacularly symphonic show by The Houston Symphony.

Conductor Lucas Waldin pieced together a brilliant set, built on the cornerstones of massive movies and classic Halloween hits.

The thrilling highs and chilling lows of Star Wars' "Duel of the Fates" created an epic air that didn't dissipate until The Houston Symphony hit the last note. With everything from "On Halloween Night" to "Spider-Man" and "Aladdin" in between, we loved watching little kids lean into classical music for the first time. Our hope is to consistently introduce new audiences to The Arts - we feel we're most successful when kids are discovering the beauty of the performing arts.

More than a few Houston Symphony veterans showed up in full costume. One talented harpist even attended as a Houston Astro (we think it might have helped with the win).

Goblin Parade

The Goblin Parade gave costumed kids a chance to take the stage to uproarious applause.

One of our favorite moments of the night came with a spooky (and dramatic) retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Pavilion was drawn into the mystical tale of the headless horseman while The Houston Symphony bolstered the story with a magical, massive score.

Hocus Pocus Pops is our favorite Halloween tradition - we hope you'll make it one of yours.

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