Getting a World Record by: simon

You become the youngest person ever to set a world record for the longest manual on a scooter. My story all started when I set a world record but not just a world record but I was the youngest person ever.

I've been trying to get farther and farther with my manuals, like I could only manual like 100 feet which seems like a long time on just one wheel but it’s not actually that hard. But 100 feet was not long enough for me I wanted to go to 400 feet so I had to practice. Everyday I kept practicing and soon i was able to manual 400 feet it took me 3 days. But i wanted to go even farther so at this point I knew I could manual farther, I practice so much and soon i was able to manual 656 feet i was so excited. I knew as soon as I manualed 656 I was going to be able to set a world record which made my heart beat as fast as a humming bird.

After I did it I had my parents took a video of me manualing 656 feet. After they took the video I wanted to show my friends that I got a world record but I didn’t actually get it yet but was hoping I did but I still didn’t tell them. Once I got inside I went straight down stairs to my room to go on my computer to look up “ world's longest manual”, hoping there wasn't a record but there was and it was set by a pro scooter rider named Ryan Williams and I watch his video’s on YouTube but the thing is he is 24 so he’s not a kid and there wasn’t anyone else who had set the world record for the longest manual.

After I looked up if there was a record I went to this site called “World records” when I got to the site it said “wanna beat/wanna set a world record.” So I clicked on “wanna set a world record” when I got to it I thought in my head how I always thought I would ever get this far. I clicked on something that said send your world record here so that’s what I did.

The next day I woke up and went on my computer to see if they emailed me back but I didn’t see anything so it made me really worried. I went up stairs to go get something to eat and when i was getting something to eat my mom came down stairs and I asked her “mom how long does it take for them to get back to me about the world record thing” she said “it takes awhile because there is probably a lot of people who send them things.” After my mom said that I was a little less worried because in the beginning I was so worried that they wouldn’t get it.

Later that day I went outside to go hang out with my friends Burke and Owen they both scooter and there pretty good but Burke is really good me and him are about the same but he does more street but i’m better than him at park and manuals. But then there's Owen who’s the clown in between me and Burke he’s really funny but he doesn’t take scootering that serious but he’s still my homie. We all went to the skate park to go scooter and that’s when I told them about they were so happy but as I was telling them I got a email saying I got the record I was so happy so then I said guys I actually got it look they both saw it and they were proud of me. So later that day we had a manual contest I still beat them.


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