Missions Update July, 2019

Thank God for Linda Weber, our CWC missionary to Lamorlaye, France!

Please pray for:

  • Permission to use the Lamorlaye chapel for a new church Linda is helping plant.
  • This week's church service, which will be held in Linda's home. Pray her acquaintances will say ‘yes’ to her invitation and actually come to her home to worship and encounter God perhaps for the first time.
  • The Gospel Ladies' Choir, Harmony, which Linda leads. Pray for Angelica to grow in Christ, and for the other women, many of whom don't yet know Christ.
Juarez Construction Trip - 2019

Praise God for our short-term construction mission trip to Juarez, Mexico!


  • The team was able to serve & grow, both practically & spiritually!
  • They were able to complete the requested work (finishing a 2nd bathroom to prepare the church for mission teams 2 weeks later), plus mud, sand, and paint the bedroom, kitchen, 1st bathroom and part of the sanctuary!
Nolan & Marie Nolan - Juarez, Mexico

Praise God for the Nolan & Marie Schockey and their ministry training Mexican pastors & leaders in Juarez, Mexico!

One recent new avenue of ministry is serving migrants coming to Juarez and hoping to enter the United States. Servant Senders has been invited by the government to bring food, drinks, and prayer to the migrant center. Please pray for their plans to provide respite care to the 12 churches sheltering the migrants.

Another new ministry is praying for the soldiers (similar to our National Guard) helping the police secure the border. The Servant Senders' pastors-in-training already go weekly to give devotions to the police. The police told the new soldiers that these men will come and pray with them and give a word every week, presenting Servant Senders' ministry as a part of this station. God's grace has allowed them a door of effective ministry in a place where they were told it is illegal to mention God.

Please pray for:

  • Nolan's health, as he is having problems with his blood pressure again.
  • Pastor Jose Luis to get a motorcycle (about $800) so he can get to the police station in time for morning devotions. There isn't any public transportation that early.
  • Favor from the government so they do not have to update all their men's license plates to comply with a new law. Each car would cost about $1000, which is worth more than the cars.
Germany Missions Team

Thank God for answered prayers for the young adult team that did youth outreaches in Germany last month! They were able to meet and talk to lots of people during street and sports outreaches!

Please pray for these individuals - that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to them, that God will send others to share the Gospel with them, and that they will be saved!

Please pray for:

  • Reasom - a refugee from Sudan, Reasom is struggling to learn German so he can work to support himself. Pray he joins the Christian immigrant church.
  • Muhammed - a young Muslim who played basketball with the team. Pray that Samuel, a German church leader, will be able to reconnect with him , and that Muhammed will come to church and accept Jesus.
  • Sebastian & Jonathan - two young men the team has ministered to for several years. Pray they will be saved.

Also please keep praying for preparation for short-term Calvary Worship Center teams visiting Juarez, Mexico, to assist the pastors training with Marie & Nolan Schockey!

Pray for our High School team, which will go July 21-27 to provide games and crafts for 2 neighborhood Vacation Bible Schools! Please pray for continued preparation for the cultural and spiritual challenges they will face there!

A team is also scheduled for late fall to do a Car Repair Clinic to train and support the pastors. Serving with other clinics such as crafts is also a possibility.

Please pray for CWC members to hear the call to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel", and to respond by either praying, sending, or going!

For more information on how to support or participate in a short-term mission trip, please email kellyb@cwccs.org!

His Safe Haven - Liberia

Mark your calendars! Scott & Christina Hoffman from His Safe Haven will be with us August 1-4. Meet them after services at Westside CWC or join us for the Missions Potluck at a home in NW Colorado Springs on Friday, August 2, from 5:30-7:30 pm. Sign up online at https://cwc.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/137/responses/new or in the Life Center!

Pastor & Mama Karau - Kenya

Praise God for 15 years of Pastor & Mama Karau's ministry in Mathare Valley Slum! They celebrated the 15th anniversary of Mathare Worship Centre on May 18th!

Praise God they were able to celebrate on their new land, the future home of Mathare Worship Centre!

  • Pray that God will bless Project Nuru, fundraising for the new building.
  • Pray for approval of the building plans from the City Council of Nairobi.
  • Pray for their women's conference, which is planned for August. Ask God for the plans to come together smoothly, and for many women to be able to come and worship and grow in Christ.
Kenya - Sanctuary of Hope

Please continue to pray for connections to a Kenyan coffee exporter to assist with plans to develop the coffee farm on the Karau's ancestral lands. The Karaus dream of building the business to provide employment for the 24 orphans they parent in 2 Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope homes. This will be a big blessing due to high unemployment in Kenya, especially for the 3 teens with special needs.

Mike - the Middle East

Praise God for Mike's ministry to Yazidis in Northern Iraq and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Praise God for training his team has been able to provide in maintaining clean water supplies and using better farming techniques.

Pray for two Northern Iraqi pastors who will visit Colorado Springs in August. Mark your calendars to visit them at Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel on Sunday evening, August 4. Details to come!

Central Asia

Please pray for Central Asia and Muslims being exposed to the Gospel. Pray for:

  • Many Muslims still come to Christ through dreams and visions. Pray God will continue to draw them in this way! Also pray for new converts to be safe from violence and the fear of being disowned.
  • Men to become Christians and lead their families to follow Jesus, transforming a culture that often oppresses and hurts women. Pray for the young Christian women, who struggle with a desire to be married, but in an environment with few Christ-following men.
  • Please pray for Salta, a young orphan who became believer in Christ after hearing the Gospel from one of our missionaries years ago. In this Central Asian country, orphans are usually put out of the orphanage around age 16. They have no education in how to live, how to make money or budget, and no place to go. Most end up alcoholics or commit suicide or living on the streets. Salta is a teacher, and hopes to someday work with other orphans. Her dream is to own a restaurant that employs orphans. Pray for God to supply what is needed! And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8
  • Pray for our missionaries in their day-to-day interactions with people. A recent trip to the bazaar (outdoor shops) brought our missionary into contact with an Ukbek man she had met months ago. He was leaving to go home to Uzbekistan, and she was able to share the Gospel with him. Bibles aren’t allowed in Ukbekistan, so our missionary suggested he study on the internet to learn more. Pray he is able to learn more about Christ on the internet , and that there will be fruit that remains from that seed that was planted!
  • Pray for our missionary family! Normal activities of daily life (transportation, dealing with the government, laundry, shopping, cooking, etc.), especially with 4 young children, can be very time-consuming in a foreign country. It is also expensive to cover many large expenses from education for the children to having a nanny several days a week. Most foreign families have a nanny, and this would provide more time for both parents to share the gospel, mentor those who have come to Christ, and have personal time themselves.
Eddie & Barbie Broussard

Please continue to pray for Eddie & Barbie Broussard, our missionaries with the Executive Team of the Navigators. Pray for:

  • Their Ukrainian ministry. On a recent visit, they ministered to 4 young leaders and encouraged them. Ukraine is at war with Russia and has a struggling economy. Many struggle with survival, while others are tempted by consumerism and the desire for comfort and pleasure. Pray God will draw the Ukrainian people to himself, and they will see that idols made with our own hands cannot give us what we need.
  • Pray against spiritual warfare in Eurasia, especially for T & K, who have seen deep effects of warfare against their family.
  • Great fruit from planning meetings July 13-19. They will be preparing for September conferences centered on expanding the missionary efforts of the Navigators and strengthening leaders. They will also be encouraging young ministries to grow to maturity, especially in difficult places for the Gospel to grow.
  • Pray Psalm 27:4 for Eddie & Barbie - One thing I ask from the Lord,this only do I seek:that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. Pray they have rich times in the Word, prayer, and communication with God.
  • Pray for them to rely on God and see Him supply all their needs for funding and travel expenses.
Carlos & Yolanda Casco - Latin America

Please continue to pray for our dear brother, Carlos Casco, and his lovely wife Yolanda. Carlos is continuing to recover from cancer surgery and awaits medical release to return to teaching Inductive Bible Study & marriage seminars full-time, probably in September. Please pray for good rest and recovery, and for fruitful times in the Word, planning future conferences, and organizing his teaching materials.

Bath, England

Please pray for Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo, based in Bath, England. Pray for the 7 Israeli young adults who just started 6 weeks of intensive discipleship & encouragement after serving their required time in the Israeli Defense Forces. Many Christian young adults suffer disillusionment and doubt at this key time of their lives. Pray for refreshment, and that God will raise them up so that "Once more, a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above. For out of Israel will come a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this." Isaiah 37:31-32

Janice Evans - Ukraine

Join missionary Janice Evans in praising God for fruit from the recent conference for teenagers in Ukraine. It was the youth pastor's first time organizing such an event, and he came away encouraged!

Pray for the Ukrainian church's Friday night youth outreach. The teens come for 2 hours playing games, learning music, etc., then stay for a 1-hour Bible study.

Bob Simons - Latin America

Keep praying for Bob & Esperanza Simons, who minister in Latin America.

  • Please pray for Bob & Esperanza as they visit La Belleza, Colombia (near the site of their former ministry) to provide church training and a pastors' conference.
  • Please continue to pray for Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, and Bob's ministry as he encourages and supports pastors and leaders in the Mexican church.
  • This month, please pray for Juventino & Marco, 2 pastors studying theology with Bob. Please pray they will understand God's Word, and adjust their beliefs in any areas where their beliefs disagree with the Bible.
Gulu, Uganda

Praise God for the graduation of 15 pastors from Terebinth School of Ministry in Gulu, Uganda!

Our missionaries Matt & Noelle Harris were encouraged to see the men graduate. The pastors spent 3 years studying through the Bible, giving up 1 week out of every month to come to Gulu to study.

When you pray or give, YOU are part of the Great Commission - going into all the world to spread the Gospel!

Be a part of the work God is doing at Calvary Worship Center!

Use your gifts to send CWC missionaries! In just 30 minutes a month, you can help pass out missions prayer cards after the service you regularly attend. Other options: help with Facebook posts, attend a missionary potluck, help with supply drives, or write encouraging cards to missionaries. If God is stirring you to participate in another way, please let us know!

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!

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