LOST & FOUND Personal critique


The way that i want to focus my work is looking at and incorporating lost documents into my main focus which is myself. My body of work is based around me feeling different emotions and sometimes feeling lost within myself. The way that i want to present my work is through things like media and different styles that I don't usually do. The way that restoration is used, is restoring the lost and found within myself. I want to create a movie along with many different pieces of digital imagery.


Lost : unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts. Being lost within myself. Not being able to find a way out.


Charis Tsevis is a Greek Illustrator, Digital artist, graphic designer who creates artwork in way that isnt often seen around or modern day society. Tsevis uses objects that relate to ones self and uses those objects to create their portrait. For example in the first photo, Tsevis used many of products from apple like software icons and other apple products to create the bigger picture of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. He is influential to me because of the way he designs his work by using things that make the person who they are and I am hoping to do something similar to his work. I'm thinking that I might want to do something like this style, creating a picture with things that have been apart of my life to create a bigger picture that represents me and who i am today. What i like about Charis's work is how he uses digital imagery to create this huge picture. The colours and all compliment each piece of work.

Focusing my body of work around me can bring out a lot of deep and meaningful topics, things that might have affected me in my life. Using a personal focus is something that a variety of artists do around the world; however they each fact a difficulty...the difficulty in using a personal focus, myself is making other people understand my body of work. It is solely about myself therefore without knowing anything about me it makes it difficult for people to comprehend my art work.

Interpretation & Evaluation

My interpretation of his work is that he utilities digital imagery and incorporates millions of different effects and shapes into his art to express his meaning. His work inspires me to attempt more challenging effects with digital imagery. His work will affect my pieces by looking at the colour of his work and the balance and focus in his artwork.

Critical Evaluation: Body Of Work

My body of work so far is not what i want it to be i am lagging behind in my major pieces. my visual literacy is lacking in meaning, and the focus is causing more work due to the fact that its a personal focus that makes it harder for people to understand.

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