If my brother wants cookies Abeer Aljasser

My father has brought us some cookies, and my brother wants some.I have told him:

If you want some cookies, you should get them from the storeroom

If you go to the storeroom, you'll need the key to open it .

If you want the key, you should go to my sister to get it .

If you go to my sister, she'll ask you for some milk .

If you want some milk for my sister, you should go to the farm .

If you go to the farm, you should ask the cow for milk .

If you ask the cow for the milk, it'll ask you for some pasture .

If you want some pasture for the cow, you should go to the hill .

If you go to the hill, the hill'll ask you for the rain .

If you want rain, you should ask Allah(God) for it .


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