Albert Einstein Poster By peyton mcsweeney

Birth Date:March 14 1879 in Ulm Germany,Death date:April 18 1955 in Princeton NJ

Where I got most my information

His quote:Imagination is more important then knowledge

Albert Einstein is somebody that has changed a good amount of what we know today so here is some information about him.He was a quiet kid never started speaking until he was three and even then it still took him to the age of 9 to be fluent.His father was actually a early influence on his passion for science and math along with children's science text.Despite this his teachers actually believed him to be stupid due to how long it took him to complete problems when actually on multiple occasions he outsmarted the teachers.His ability to solve problems actually allowed him to beat "smarter teachers".

He went to multiple schools and due to his amazing intellect he was able to get into them schools like Luitpold Gymnasium, Swiss Federal Polytechnic School.He worked as a professor at the university of Berlin till WW1 broke out.He then secluded himself to his study's and made four publications.One known as his general theory of relativity more well known as E=mc2.Its this publication that won him the Nobel prize in 1922.While a lot of good came out from the publications Einstein worked himself nonstop to the point that he collapsed in 1916 and his wife at the time had to nurse him back to help.

His work was not really cared for in Germany for some time due to his Jewish family background and the growing number of nazis.His work was discredited as "Jewish physics" by nazis and many of their scientists.His theory of relativity was used more in the later years to see if his theory could be used to create a nuclear bomb.Einstein signed the letter to start the Manhattan project so that the Germans did not create it first.Later in 1945 Einstein's fear came true when the nuclear bombs were finally used Einstein regretted his decision to sign the letter for the making of the atomic bomb.Albert Einstein allowed for the creation of the theory of relativity and for the making of the atomic bomb in WW2 and changed modern physics today as we know them.

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