The architecture of worship By Jesse Williams

St. Peter's basilica

St. Peter's basilica located in the Vatican City in Rome. Considered one of the largest churches in the world and also one of the holiest catholic places.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal located in Agra, India. This was constructed to keep the emperors favorite wife tomb, with a cost estimated at around $830 million.

The wailing wall, Jerusalem

The Wailing wall also known as the western wall is 187 foot high that is part of herods temple. It's a major prayer attraction for the Jews.

Angkor wat

It is considered the largest religious monument in the world, this became such a significant place that it became the image of Cambodia, which is reflected by its addition into the national flag.

The potala

Was the main residence of the Dalai Lama, and it has now turned into a museum, as it contains countless and endless rooms and statues.

All of these places bring a significant image to the place where it is located, when someone thinks of the place, most of the time it brings an image of such significance and eye catching architectures. In addition all these structures were built such a long time ago that it has become part of history, which makes it a main attraction for people to visit and experience. They may all have similarities but all these architectures are so distinct in the way they are built, and where they are located. The St. Peter's basilica is located right in the Vatican City around so many other buildings, while the Angor wat is located in a quiet surrounding in nature. Another insteresting fact about these structures, is that some are built with round roof top while others are built with pointy roofs.

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