I got the idea from my flash project and how I made it about the Michigan Wolverines. My story behind my logo is how much I like the Michigan Wolverines. I wanted to make the design for the Wolverines and for the first letter in my last name. I searched Michigan Wolverines logos to find the picture of the logo then i changed it to black and white so when I carve it and then carved it color into a blue color.

The picture on top was the picture on top it shows the project right before I carved it and on the bottom it shows my carving square on the carver before I press carve.

What I did for my design

I made my design with a michigan wolverines logo adn then I added the Ricardo on the top of the logo. I put the color in black and white so in the carving it can come out the right color when I carved it. I changed the font on the logo to make it a different type of M. I decided to add the Ricardo on top instead of on the logo.


My project came out good because the carving came out the way it was suppose to it came out the same shape I wanted it to and I got the same color I wanted. I liked how the shape camed out and how the lines in the middle make it look better. What could I could improve on adding more designs on to the project. The most interesting part was how the inline to make the M look cooler. The difficult was trying to make the logo into my own design. I liked the project a lot that I want to make anothr one.

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