clueless By: timberleigh blevins

Mona May

Designer on Set: the designer on the set of this movie was Mona May. She didn't any awards for this film. Other films that she has contributed to are the Wedding Singer, Just Go With It, and Enchanted.

Pictures On Set

classic yellow plaid school girl outfit
mall outfit. Some African styles in this scene and hip-hop flavors.
black and white largely become her go-to colors whenever she’s home. This sheer black top and oversized cross pendant is a sort of ‘90s Goth-lite by way of Beverly Hills, just as Josh’s plaid shirts evoke a grunge-lite vibe. Note that even here, her outfit has a frill at the sleeve.
Tai in the very latest in 1995 stoner oversized plaid shirt over a t-shirt. It’s a look that would render her practically invisible against the high-fashion runway that is Bronson Alcott high school. Or it would have, if costume designer Mona May didn’t make the smart decision to dress everyone else in the scene in black, white and gray. In a movie exploding with plaids (reportedly more than 50 plaids were used), it’s notable that, while everyone is wearing a distinct and noticeable costume, no one is wearing plaid. In an ironic twist, it’s the one time it signals someone as an outsider in the entire film.
None of the three girls are dressed exactly alike, but all of them are working in that same “schoolgirl” mode of short skirts and tights. Tai doesn’t come from an affluent background like the other two girls, so her costume is slightly plainer (no collar on the shirt, full tights instead of the sexier thigh-highs, a more muted color scheme).Tai will slowly assert herself more in her costuming throughout the film, but the point of this shot and these costumes is to show her as a member of Cher and Dionne’s tribe.
Amber: Note how all her looks, though clownish somehow, tend to reference aspects of Cher’s and Dionne’s styles: the marabou feathers, the animal print fake fur, the obnoxious hat, the braids. She is the ultimate wannabe.
Cher and Tai are together in almost every shot. Their matching reds point to their new bond.. The Alaia is one of the few named designer dresses in this movie that she wears i9n this scene.
She gives off a much more coolly sophisticated modern-sexy vibe, and helps set her off against Christian’s black-dominant retro style. I called his style “retro,” but his high-waisted pleated pants and cropped jackets, while calling back to decades like the ‘40s and ‘50s, were also very much in style in 1995. It’s easy to see how the character is referencing the iconic styles of men like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, but you have to remember that 1995 was also a period when Chris Isaak was at the top of his pompadour’d game, while wearing a whole lot of pleated pants, tight black tees and cropped jackets. The other named designer dress in this movie is in this scene, It's a Calvin Klien.
Tai shows that this as an example of her journey trying to figure out who she is in this crowd
This dress gives the sense of both comfort and sexiness.
When she’s alone with Josh, however, she tends to strip away any attempts to project sophistication, sexiness and confidence and literally lets her hair down— then puts it back up in a collection of cheap plastic barrettes and hair clips, as opposed to the more elaborate, expensive and bejeweled ones she wore with Christian.
This outfit is childlike, virginal, and prissy to an absurd extent
Her entire wardrobe suddenly changes almost exclusively to romantic pinks and lavenders as she tries to make herself into a better person, a person worthy of Josh.
hat (sailor style), necklace, short hair, button up jacket.
stockings and Mary janes, school girl look.

Was there any way to do It better? I say no! This movie was a staple for 90's fashion.

I think this film influenced street wear. I think that before the movie only a small number of people dressed like Cher and the girls in the film, but after the movie everyone wanted to dress like that. It turned the "normal" person or the "average" into a more stylish or high end twist. This movie also introduced big name/ high end brands.

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