We all know what a selfie is.

We like to snap them with our friends wherever we are. Whether it's at the park, sitting on our couch, or the movies. Well, now we will be taking selfies in our classroom! You better believe it!

In our classroom, we will be making "selfvies". Selfvies are a mixture of a selfie and a video. The videos will help enhance our thinking and understanding. How can selfvies help us be better learners, you may ask? Well check out this girl, Liv, who uses selfvies to share what she's been learning about.

Ideas on what to make a selfvie about:

  • How you solved a math problem
  • What you discovered during science time
  • About a character in your book
  • Or something you learned while reading a non-fiction text

Why would we make selfvies at school?

  • Helps us think about our thinking
  • Helps us ask questions
  • Gives students a voice
  • It's evidence of your learning
  • Helps us practice fluency and public speaking skills
  • Let's you shine!

So here's how you make a selfvie....


Created with images by ellendv13 - "#Selfie" • dalmudhaf_dm - "Math Chaos" • ultrakickgirl - "Science!" • ZapTheDingbat - "Reading"

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