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Book:Apollo's Gold Author:Antoinette Moses(b. 1946) grew up in London and although she always wanted to be a writer, she did not start writing books until she was in her fifties. Since then she has written over twenty books and seven plays.Antoinette's books have won three Extensive Reading Awards and 'Jojo's Story' was described by one critic as "a classic for all time."
  • Publisher:Cambridge
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Pages:48
  • ISBN:978-0-521-79499-2
  • Character: Liz , an archaeologist , twenty-seven years old , work in Athens.
  • Stavros , Liz's boss , a professor of archaeology.
  • Eleni , she has a restaurant in Poulati on Sifnos.
  • Yiannis , Eleni's brother , a fisherman.
  • Nikos , a policeman on Sifnos.
  • Takis , Mike and Mr John, three man on a yacht

Summary: Liz teaches archaeology in Athens.She works hard and needs a holiday , so she goes to a peaceful island.But the peace does not last long when three strange men arrive , one local man dies.Liz becomes involved with some dangerous people.

My favourite character is Liz because she is smart and help police catch the terroists.She doesn't scared of the terroists , she is very brave too.

Message:I think the writer wants to tell us that in order to know the truth, we should not be afraid of the difficulties.

Best quotation: When you are afraid, you can do things that you cannot usually do.

I like it because it lets me know that i can do something that i can't imagine.I always scared of new things,I don't like to try something new.But this quote encourage me to try New things,so i like it.

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