Stay aware of unknown people in online By:Kelsy Drew

Real story

Introduction :This is story which happened with a girl Jenny . Hope you read it and understand.....
Jenny had many friends in her school.She always thought making friends with unknown people ais good thing.She always felt safe.She thought no one would do anything dangerous with her.But she was wrong .She was all the day busy texting her friends in her phone . One day a unknown message came to her she thought it was a friend so she started talking with her.She knew it was a her .But it wasn't.It was a he . They seemed to become good friends.One day he sent a inappropriate request and she did as he said !When the next day she open's her Facebook page she sees that person posted that picture of her .She got really scared so she told this thing to her parents they helped her from getting out of this situation and also called police and they arrested the man.From that day she learned something that was.Do not talk to strangers.If the person who message you to do something innapropriate tell your parents and call the police

The end

This situation keeps happening with a lot of people day by day.Like that there are more impacts which keep happening with people .....

Like :

  • Unknown People send scams to the person
  • They ciber bully them
  • They hack their accounts in Internet and post innapropriate things
  • They send inappropriate messages and request to the person
  • Who are older they disguise them as they are young in Internet and talks to the person
  • People give their house addresses to the Unknown person and then the unknown person takes a dangerous step towards them
  • People trust unknown people with their accounts and then that person post bad things in his or her account

Safety Tips :

  • Always keep your account access secret from everyone exclude your parents
  • Call police if the unknown person is troubling you
  • If the unknown person takes a dangerous step towards you tell your parents about it as soon as possible
  • Don't talk with strangers in internet
  • In Internet keep your private information safe and private from unknown people
  • Be sure that the account you use is secure
  • Do not trust the unknown person then also if he or she tells that you know him her,try to ask that person that if he or she has the same similarities as the person he or she describes

I hope you all learned something and will follow this safety tips


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