Atum Autumn Walchak

On the earth there was only the waters of chaos (Nun).
Until the hill of benben arose along with the First god Atum standing atop of it.
Atum was a creator god along with a sun god. He wore a double crown with a royal cloth.
Atum became lonely and created all of the Egyptian gods.
His 2 children were spit out, which was considered quite normal for the Egyptians.
His children were... Shu the god of air
And Tefnut the goddess of Moisture
Since Atum was a self-created god, the god Hapi took the fatherly role in Atum's life.
Atum was worshipped in the city of Heliopolis, Egypt primarily in temples.
This is a granite scarab that shows Atum taking one of many animal forms.
In this painting Atum symbolizes the lion.
These two birds are associated with the two sun gods, Ra and Atum.
Atum takes many other animals forms such as a serpent, bull, and lizard.

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