How we express ourselves By Ryodai

How we express ourselves - An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values ; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of aesthetic

Week 2

Town hall meeting 1 - I learned If we use many media we can create much better product

3 Interest

1, Art - I choose art because I like art and I think it is the most good way to express our self. In art i want to make ,draw or crate animation.

2, Sports - I choose sports because I like to move my body and I want to use football to express my self

3, Photography - I choose photography because I want to create animation by using photo.

Reflection on First meeting with group member

I learned when you are working on group you can't become selfish. If you are becoming selfish you can't do one thing with group because everybody have ideas.

Reflection on making essential Agreements

Today it was good. I think we did good job with team and we also used team work. We also decide the group name it is Splash.


Reflection on making central idea

Our central idea is through art people express their uniqueness to the world. This time I didn't tell so much ideas so next i want to tell more idea.

Reflection on making Lines of inquiry

Our lines of inquiry is

Forms of art - form

How art has evolved - change

How do people express themselves through art - perspective

This time we brainstorm and we share ideas so I think it was good.

Reflection on Mentor meeting

Today we met mentor Ms prithika , anuradha. We decide what time we are going to meet and start researching about first lines of inquiry


1) Prioritize a list of at least 4 things that need to be started in the next week? 1. Research more on art form 2.make presentation on first line of inqury 3. Start researching about second lines of inquiry

2. What is the most important task you have to do in your spring break and why? Finish first lines of inquiry because we can't start working on second line of inquiry

Week 4

Reflection on learning how to site magazine , Book , Pag

Today I learned how to site many thing. I didn't know we can't site the page in internet with only link. Next time when site something I'll check and site.

  • We made bridge
  • We made central idea , concept and lines of inquiry
  • We decided date of mentor meeting
  • We decided how we inquiry into first lines of inquiry
  • We finish researching on first lines of inquiry
  • We started to making presentation of first lines of inquiry

Reflection Thinking Skills

Reflection Communication skill

Week 5

Learner Profile Reflection

  • I think I was thinker last week. I think many idea of product which we are going to show in exhibition.
  • Today I was communicator when my group is deciding about presentation. I shared my idea with my group member.
  • Week 3 I was not reflective. We had problem about how is going to write lines of inquiry but I didn't change the way of

List your Research

  • I researched many art form in Asia ( bonsai , ukiyoe , thaisilk , Khon mask , Madhubani painting , Warli painting )
  • I researched good decoration of exhibition.
  • I started to research on second line of inquiry. I researched about Evolution of Art in Asia

Reflection Research Skill

Reflection of Group

Week 6

Black Hat Reflection

Black Hat Reflection (negative)
Yellow Hat Reflection (positive)

Week 7

Week 8

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