DisneyLand BY SUMMER harding

Disneyland is a family fun amusement parked based on Disney. Disney Characters, movies, princesses, the list goes on. Different sections with different themed make up this park. These include Mickey's ToonTown, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, Adventure Land, Critter Country, Frontier Land, New Orleans Square, and Main Street U.S.A. Main Street U.S.A includes many shops with multiple different things to buy like Disney Land merchandise and treats/coffee shops. Disney Characters can also be found all around the park greeting lucky visitors. So watch out for your favorite characters!

The paint the night parade is a parade that happens every night at Disneyland. Loud music plays as floats decorated in many many different colored lights slowly roll down the streets of Disneyland. Each float has a different theme and at the end of the parade there is even an Elsa Castle float! This parade with leave you speachless and the music will make you wanna dance, and it just makes for an overall magical experience.

Splash mountain is a ride in Disneyland located in Critter Country. This ride in known for snapping a picture of you as you go down the biggest drop on the ride. Be prepared to get wet because this ride is in water. The log boat you sit in floats in a river as you go through this mountain adventure ride. A large drop happens and they catch your face because it takes a picture.

Disney Characters are wandering around the streets of disneyland. Make sure to get an autograph and picture! There is sometimes stations set up were you can meet a character. Here you can get an autograph and picture.

The tower of terror is a ride in Disneyland based on the twilight zone. In this ride you sit in an "elevator." The elevator goes up at a very fast pace and when you get to the top two large doors open and show a view over Disneyland. Then you drop so fast it feels like you're floating. This happens multiple times. Sadly I believe this ride was shut down.


Created with images by stinne24 - "disney castle disneyland paris magic castle" • HarshLight - "Paint the Night" • ross_hawkes - "Splash Mountain" • Jennie Park Photography - "Pluto Bunny" • wrayckage - "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - Disneyland Paris"

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