Social Media Marketing And POSTER MATERIAL

Preparing For Social Media Merge

The following is an outline designed for 180 Outdoors LLC. . All concepts mentioned here can be applied to other businesses operated by owners Matt Wonser and Devin Windsor.

What To Do On Social Media

Create Instagram Account. Instagram allows its users to market products essentially for free. Although our product isn't something physical that you can pack and ship, it is a product with value. It's an experience, and it's a lifestyle. Instagram uses pictures and hashtags to get peoples attention and can be cross posted on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In or simply direct people to your page from a website. There is no cost to be a member of Instagram (IG).

Create Linked In Account. Linked in is the business version of Facebook. Yes you have a business page set up on Facebook but this is a little different. Linked In is also free and it allows you to communicate directly with the individuals that run those big companies and businesses. This is the social media platform that takes the high school feel away that Facebook tends to have. The only downfall is that you do not have access to the demographic information that you do on Facebook. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since our posts and intentions would be tailored to the audience that exists here.

Add Justin as an administrator on the 180 Outdoors Facebook page. This will allow me to view the demographic information and see things likes peak activity times on the page, number of visits to the page per day, how far of a reach a post has (how many people see it on their news feed) ect. They really make the information easy to understand so you can capitalize on what you choose to do throughout the day. By following the trends that are showed here, we can make sure to post at peak times, thus maximizing exposure and increases our chances for shares and in turn generating a farther reach with our product.

Video Hosting Sites

Once video files are uploaded they can be shared by copying and pasting the link to any platform, including text and email. When a perspective viewer clicks your link it takes them directly to the video you shared. Once they fully watch the video, they have the option to view anything else on your page. This is key because it gets them involved. You might post a link to the turkey promo, but once they watch it, they see thumbnails for every other video on the account. We can also password protect anything we want for private sharing. Below is a link to my personal account. You'll see what I mean. At a cost of 65.00 per year, its a minimal investment for the benefit it has. There is a free version, however its very limiting in how many megabytes I can upload each week. I would basically be able to do one 3 minute video per week with the free membership vs. probably 8-12 with the paid membership. I would recommend having an account for both 180 Outdoors LLC. as well as Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland.


These are generally easy to put together, however they do take some time. Doing things like removing backgrounds from a picture can take up to an hour per photo. Not a big deal, just keep that in mind when considering that feature. Doing things like changing font colors, size, and style are done with the click of the mouse. The neat thing about these flyers are that I can make them different sizes. As long as I know what size you want when I start to build one, it will be able to be printed that size. Just remember that if you want a 30" poster, we will not be using cell phone pictures as they have a resolution that is too low. The bigger the flyer, the bigger the resolution of the material you have to put on the flyer.

Template 1
Template 2
Template 3

In the event that we have a project in mind that requires a poster or flyer, and if the situation allows, I would like to be able to shoot the material we would need for it. In doing so, I can make things go faster on my end when I put it all together.


Finally, I want to make you aware of something that I have here at home. Powder coating and laser engraving. The above photo is of a handful of stainless steel tumblers I have recently done. Obviously you see the 180 Outdoors scheme. Colors can vary and be anything you want. My thinking is that we add this to the merchandise closet and make them available to hunters throughout the year for a cost. All things considered, that cost would depend on the initial investment, cost of powder, and a price per unit for doing it in general. I have already researched this and prices vary by brand, but including YETI, RTIC, MEMBERS MARK (Sam's Club Brand), and OZARK TRAIL (Walmart Brand). All are available in 30oz and 20oz sizes, and are available in bulk or individually. Should we decide to move forward with this, I could have any number of them ready for sale when I get there April 1. This would however require a drop shipment from Amazon, or reimbursement if I purchase them on my own locally. Either way, as long as I get them this week, I will have them done to bring with me. Cost effectiveness will suggest using the Sam's Club or Walmart brands, but Powder coated YETI's are going for $80-$90 on Amazon. If you think the clients would buy them for that, and you can front the money for YETI's there is better profit margin there. No matter the brand or size, I would do them for 10.00 per unit.


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