Rachael Victoria University of Louisville

Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky! I am currently a junior at UofL and am majoring in Communications and will graduate this coming Fall 2017. I am showcasing my work that I have done in my Strategic Communications class to help future employers get a feel of the kind of writing and work I produce. I enjoy reading my news from Twitter and Buzzfeed and I enjoy writing in my personal journal. I love to travel and see new things and love to be on the go with people that I love. I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky and attended my freshman year at Ohio University. I learned a lot about myself my first year of college and wouldn't change it for the world. I transferred to the University of Louisville my sophomore year because I realized I wanted to be closer to family and friends and to live near the city. I feel that with a communications major I am opening myself up to a world of possibilities. I enjoy being behind and on camera and have done both in my Video Communications class. I love to help plan parties and events. I have gotten the opportunity to work at the MLB All Star Games in the summer of 2015 and have also gotten to work NFL Sunday Night Football games and NCAA Mens College Basketball games. I have been able to experience the behind the scenes aspects and what it takes to run these major sporting events. I hope that this tidbit about me, has given you an insight into my world and way of thinking!

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