Homeboy Industries By Rachel Weland

Chapter 2: Dis-grace: Carmen is a heroine addict, gang member, street person, occasional porostitute, and a champion peleonera. No one wanted her in their homes, but Father G agrees to help her. Carmen has been to many rehabs, but couldn't stay clean. She believes she is a disgrace because she can't stop her addictions. Carina and Father G have one thing in common, the both have shame. Shame is the root of all addictions, but everyone has shame. No matter what Carmen is loved by God.
Chapter 4: Water, Oil, Flame: Miguel was a 23 year old man who worked on the graffiti crew for Homeboy Industries. Miguel has no family, and spent Christmas without family. But instead of moping around about it, he invited other homies who had no where to go as well, to spend Christmas with him. Miguel, like many other people, wanted to do good for others rather then just ignore them. Though they didn't have much, Miguel and the others made their Christmas work. God shows us that there is good in everything, we just have to look for it.
Chapter 8: success: Scrappy worked on the graffiti crew when father G met him. Father G didn't know scrappy for long before he was killed by the gangs memembers who made the graffiti he was cover up. Father G blessed Scrappy, and Scrappy was with God. God sometimes takes people for a reason, and though we don't quite as nderstand it, we have to deal with it. Dea h is a sensitive topic that most people don't want to talk about. Most people have lost people dear to them, but that should stop us from living the word of God.


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