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Avakin Life News

What’s Going on in Avakin This Week!

Official News


Only one week until the next guest stars of the main stage arrives, Blasterjaxx, are set to take center stage, on the main stage for one weekend only from the 7-9th of february. you don’t want to miss this.

Instagram Milestone

Avakin Official is close to it’s next milestone of 500K followers on instagram!

Once the milestone is completed there will be a spectacular free reward. Tap the button below to follow them on instagram!

Avakin Life Official Youtube

Speed Builds

Avakin Guides

History of Chinese New Year

Alanis Life

IN Look

Fashion Show

Official Featured Content Creators

Anny Soza Oficial

Billie Eilish - Bad Guy


Rating Outfits

Throwback Thursdays

TBT - Queen of Hearts collection by Front Row

Inspired by playing cards, this Queen of Hearts collection by Front Row comes as a treat. with playing card motifs, accessories to match and a range of styles and choice at your disposal, will you be able to show others who reigns true by the end of the night?

Lilcutie30xTRDx shows us an outfit of choice she put together to show us an example of the content you can find in this bundle.

Coming Soon...

These are sneak peeks that have been publicly teased by Avakin Official

Exclusive Sneak Peeks

*Nothing New This Week*

In this new section of the magazine, Avakin Official has granted us exclusive sneak peeks, just for Avakin Addiction Magazine. These sneak peeks you will not find anywhere else (In full) unless you read this magazine, so spread the word. tell your friends about it. these are not to be missed.

*Nothing New This Week*

Avakin Life’s Top Editor Competition *New*

About ALTE:

ALTE is a competitive competition for Avakin Life's Top Editor on instagram. We are looking for the best Avakin's Editors . It’s a six week competition with 12 edtiors. Each week they have to do a tasks involving a theme and a technical task . Then they are judged by 6 judges . Each judge will rate every edit 1-10 with a max of 60 points. The editor will the most points will be edit of the week and the 2 with the lowest will be eliminated.


Our contestants are @babyang3lq, @izzabellae_69 , @aspyns_obscurite, @digt_shrude, @panda__lia, @charlizetheron007, @ariaeldevine, @helioshornet, @ava_yurei , @brookie060908 and @madame.dana.


Our judges are, @AlliBlack101, @Blueriver_13, @sapphy_kelly, @mr_gq_chicago, @natalia.24k & @babiedoll_jordan2

Week 1



After The Judge Panel made their final votes, @BabyangelQ, had the lowest votes and will be leaving the competition. @Aspyns_ obscurite dropped out .

Going through to week two are....

Avakin Events *Coming Soon*

*Coming Soon*

Top Pics This Week!!

The Pic of The Pics From Across The Community!

A Selection of the community pictures and edits for you, on all social media platforms this week!

Don’t see your pics below???

If you would like a chance to be featured in the pic of the week please post your work on Facebook at Avakin Life Addicted and on Official Avakin Addiction Magazine. You Can tag us on instagram @avakin_addiction_magazine, Tweet us @AvaAddictMag or you can even email us to retain the quality of your work at; AvakinAddictionMagazine@Gmail.com



Samnii Samnii

Your Youtube

All of the Week’s Avakin Related Videos from some of communities best Youtubers

Just Fene

Keep On Dancing


Malibu Mansion - Birthday Party Interior Design


Chinese New Year Event Items

Avakin Fashion Weekly

All The Weeks New Releases

Baby Hairs from Cloudnine

Take your hairstyles to the next level with the new baby hairs from cloudnine. Give your hair perfect edges that you never knew it needed until now. Styled to perfection, this is all you’ll ever need.

AAM Models

Streetwear Collection

Superdry is back with it’s second collection of streetwear, from big jackets and bright colours there is a variety of choice and styles for you to pick from. comfy and casual this streetwear collection will leave you wanting more of it.

AAM Models
Luxury Modeling Production
Sophia Veil WF

Raunji Collection

Tone down in relaxed neutral colours and gentle fabrics to cozy up in on a night in with friends and family for some good quality time with this Raunji Collection by Palermo.

AAM Models
Luxury Modeling Production

Release Reviews with MissBadRomance

*Coming Soon*

Avakin Models

This section will cover a variety of Avakin Modelling Agencies from well known ones to small ones just starting out.

if you are apart of a modelling group or run one and would like to be featured, Please contact us;

On Facebook: Official Avakin Addiction Magazine

Instagram: @Avakin_Addiction_Magazine

Twitter: @AvaAddictMag

Email: AvakinAddictionMagazine@gmail.com

(AAM) Avakin Addiction Magazine Models

If you would like to be apart of AAM Models please read the rules and requirements, once you have finished reading, take a screenshoot of the application form below and send it to Avakin Addiction Magazine for review.

About The Agency:

The way this agency works is a bit different from how other agencies work. The aim is to try make this agency different. To stand out and set the postive example for others.

Each week, a different model sets assignments for everyone that week. For that, they get an optional week off, however, mandatory will still need to be done. Until the following week when another model sets the tasks for that week. So on.

Every Assignment will have a mandatory task which is to spread or make awareness about something. To teach and educate our models about what the mandatory task is all about.

As a model not only will you represent the magazine but you may be needed for other things such as release shoots, for competition banners and anything else we may need you for etc.

You are allowed to represent another agency, just don't overload yourself with work. If you go to school, let us know. We will work with you to keep your workload to a minimum. If real life gets in the way, let us know. We will sort something out for you.

Assignments and Model related things are included Avakin Addiction Magazine each week. When it comes to With editing, We will train you, help you get your editing skills up to standard if they aren't. We will give improvements and advice to you to help you learn.

Avakin Addiction Magazine is the number 1, 5 Star magazine that even LKWD read themselves sometimes, Avakin Addiction Magazine has been going for almost 3 years. It's even in Avakin itself and the credits! So standards need to be good. This agency aims to be stress and drama free. If you have any issues or concerns, speak with the founders Conflicts will be resolved. Don't be worried.

Also, if real life gets in the way, don't fret. Our No.1 rule is real life comes first, always so please let us know so we don't assume you are inactive. You do not have to go into details or specfics if you feel uncomfortable, however, if you do choose to inform us then we will respect and protect your privacy in the best way we can.

Avakin Addiction Magazine Models Hiring Requirements

Please submit all applications to one of the Leaders or Through our Social Media! Thank you.


- Must be 16+ years

- Must be active

- Available for Group shoots

- Skilled editior (or have basic skills in photoshop)

- Complete at least one weekly task a week. This is usually the mandatory one.

Acknowledgements (Terms & Conditions) :

You are allowed to be in another modelling group already

- You will NOT be "paid" to be apart of the agency. This is something voluntary, something YOU want to do.

- You don't have to have experience. We will train you

- You must not discriminate

- No Racisim allowed.

- Equailty is important

- Diversty is a must

- No causing flamewars

- Follow Avakin Life T&C's

- No Bullying is allowed at all - if there is bullying you must speak with the founders (Sapphy or Prya). We will work with you to help put an end to it maturely.

- You can speak to the founders with confidence if there are any issues. We keep information confidential.

- Never discuss selling Avakin Accounts

- No Impersonating Official LKWD

- No discussion on hacking or modifying Avakin Life. This results in a report to Official LKWD and action MAY be taken.

Here is a link to our models page.

Please note that disciplinary action will take place if the T&C's are broken.

If you have any questions, Please ask.

Please Screenshot the application and fill it out if you are interested in joining then send it to Avakin Addiction Magazine.

AliceñChain Fox


Anca 22


Ava After Dark Edits


Ben Lovejoy



Empress Jen


Jess AZP

La Belle Rolex

Lady Bella


Nessa Williams

Reign AZP

SophiaVeil WF


Turtle Abell

Luxury Modeling Production

About LMP

Luxury Modeling Production (Est.7/1/19.) We started as a small company but have grown to a well established modeling production..

L.M.P wants to build its way up in Avakin to help all enjoy modeling and editing.We wish to help those get discovered if they want to learn how to Edit as we also offer them all the learning experience they need


Application Form

Please take a screenshot of this application, fill it in and send to Luxury Modeling Production.



Belle Violet Rose

Candie P



Madame Dana

Ms Debilicios



Sapphire Is


Sweet Maddy


Turtle Abell

Zenpeirce WF

AAM ‘LookBooks’ & Makeup Looks

This week we have our fashion guru and Makeup Artist, Ariannalynn xTRDx, showing us some easy-to-put looks based on new and old releases for both genders try ourselves. she also provides us with more Avakin styles on a budget for those with limited funds and if that’s not enough, she even puts together some creative looks for tips and Ideas.


Look Of The Day

Luxury Looks *Coming February*

Low Budget Avakin

Makeup Looks

A Big Part of Avakin Life is owning your apartment and customising it to suit your taste or perhaps for a special occasion or event. With so many apartments now available to win or buy it is sometimes difficult to keep up with what’s new and what items are inclusive to collect. even when you start to decorate an apartment, you can also find it to be challenging.

With no new apartment release this week, Interior designer Lady Amalthea, gives us a tour of her Santa Monica Oceanfront Villa.

A Sit Down With Sapphy.

Sapphire-Kelly Knows Everybody knows Sapphy, So who better to send out into the world of Avakin each week to ask the community for an insight into their own Avakin Life.

This Week, Sapphy Caught up with Belle

1) What is your name?


2) How old are you?


3) How long have you been on avakin?

10 Months

4) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin?


5) Fave Avakin feature? (Music, Wardrobe, Chat, Animations, Body Customisation, Etc)

Talking with real people.

6) Fave Apartment?

Any dance clubs

7) if you could add/change anything on avakin, what would it be?

I'd change the age limit. should be higher so we can talk with other adults and I would add more like like interactions like kissing, hugging etc.

8) What do you like most in this weeks release?

Everything. Every release is different and I look forward to the new content each week.

9) What is your fave fashion feature/print? E.g. Stripes, Dots, Neon, Animal Print etc.

I like simple and classy but I also like pieces that make a statement.

10) If you could interview LKWD, What question would you ask?

I'd ask if there's any plans for more life like things like weddings, kids etc.

11) What is your favourite Avakin brand?


12) What is your favourite Avakin past time? What is your fondest memory on Avakin?

The Halloween Maze. Getting my first pair of wings I earned on my own. I felt so accomplished and proud, ever since it's lead me to gift others so they can be happy too.

13) What type of job would you like to see on Avakin?

Anything honestly that gets me more XP and Avacoins for working

14) What has been your favourite band that had played in Avakin so far?

Wow! that's a hard question as they've all been wonderful and unique.

15) What Kind of Social Scenes would you like to see?

More romantic and/or adventure type social scenes with interactive stuff

16) What kind of interactions do you want? (Interactive features in social scenes like the ferris wheel, more interactive furniture, animations etc)

Swings and anything upbeat

17) What kind of mini games would you like to see in Avakin?


18) If you could, what changes would you make to the current mini games?

Increase the payouts of the fashion contest as it's hard to get in the top 100.

19) What do you think about the events, Avakin makes for us?

I like them!

20) What kind of events would you like to see more of?

More exclusive events that are cheaper

21) What event, that hasn't happened in Avakin, would you like to see in Avakin?

Not sure as I've only seen a few.

AAM Business Directory

Avakin Life Community Amino

Welcome to the International Community, Avakin Life Amino. For Avakin players all over the world

About Avakin Life Community Amino

Do you love Avakin Life, do you find yourself decorating your new apartment for hours or changing your avatars look?

Have you ever wanted to find a community of amazing people who love to play Avakin? Share your thoughts on the latest Avakin news and fashion, have a dance off, share your art, meet other Avakins and join our chats, join a fam or modeling agency, help out in the community or just hang out and participate in our challenges and contests.

If you liked all that and wonder if there is more (and there is!) then you have come to the right place my friend!

We always have special events and challenges! You can even make your own challenges! Our leadership is made up of big Avakin fans just like you, who are available to help you or show you new and exciting things!

We care a lot about our community and each of you are super important! If you need us, one of our leaders or curators will do their best to help you out.

Have fun with friends, chatting, blogging, and more.

We hope you have a great time and make awesome friends here at the Avakin Life Amino Community!

Where To Find Avakin Life Community Amino:

Material World

About Material World:

Material World is a magazine style signature fashion series created by Bruce Murray II aka “C Jin Lovelace”. The series features stylish outfit designs with the use of various clothing found in the social gaming application, Avakin Life, with the purpose of helping users from reaching style achievements to creating a signature aesthetic for everyone.

Collaborating with Lockwood Publishing Ltd, Material World features an array of professional-style edits, a video presentation (titled “Live LookBook”) and has expanded into Interior Decoration for virtual Apartments for players to enter and explore.

Material World started as a virtual fashion magazine of the same name and was published under HomeStation Magazine, partnered by Sony Computer Entertainment of America. After the closing of the console social gaming application, PlayStation Home, Material World was repackaged and revamped as a signature series that you see today. With over 10 years of collaboration, experience in the fashion world and a driving passion for artistry, our goal is to educate not only wear the lovely dress that you see there or the Peacoat that has enticed your eye, but expand beyond it and purvey explanation on why you should wear them while providing constructive criticism to the clothing items available.

Where To Find Material World

Modelling Agencies

Diamond Star Elite Modeling

About Diamond Star Elite Modeling

Where to find DSEM:

Application Form:

Please Take A Screenshot Of The Application Form and Submit to DSEM If you’re interested in joining.


About GoTopModel

Gotopmodel had the initial purpose of being focused on models, and the world's avakin arts, yet several changes were made at the agency and we became much more than just a modeling and art agency, We create new focuses without leaving behind our main purpose, which is to bring to all avakin Life users the fashion avakin art in a different relaxed, and bold way, our models are all editors because it is our agency's requirement that our models work on other talents besides posing for a photo, Video production is also highly appreciated within GoTopModel, we like to see beautiful productions made in the avakin world. BUT we are focusing on bringing "fashion collections" to the avakins, bringing clothes already present in avakin forming combinations and sets in order to form collections, we also draw inspiration from real collections such as the collection of fendi by nickminaj. One of our boldest projects was the partnership made with the diah avakin and diahmoon design where we brought the red white collection made by diah avakin to the avakin world through editions made by great editors of the medium such as zig way and iza avk, the collection was a great success and soon we achieved other major partnerships like runway avakin.

Our audience loves the way we mix the clothes and make beautiful collections for everyone but especially for those who don't know how to dress so well and need help, our goal of course is not to standardize the avakins but rather bring everyone a little more know fashion cement so that everyone makes their looks great works of arts

Changing the focus on look a little, the agency is in the estories mainly to disseminate arts and vidios with the support of one of our great parceras carasavakin that always covers us in important events and shares information with us, besides it is clear from a competent media team that we have in a group on Instagram , to which are present great international and national names of Brazilian media avakin who share daily content with each other in order to bring the information more Fast and quality to all.

Now with the direction of the agency, we created new focuses for our agency, such as creating a YouTube channel (coming soon) and holding lives with Sweepstakes and awards every weekend here on GoTopModel's Instagram.

Where To Find GoTopModel

Avakin Magazines

Caras Avakin

About Caras Avakin

Caras Avakin is a news, magazine and fashion agency in the segment focused on interviews with celebrities or community people with talent, sponsorship of events and content about decoration, tourism and gastronomy.

Caras Avakin initially founded in June 2019 on at lipe1989avakin's profile and in August 2019 started on Instagram at carasavakin. It is an unofficial and voluntary page inspired by at carasbrasil an internationally recognized magazine with 25 years of history. Caras Avakin's commitment will always be to provide publisher quality and content to readers. Content is always evolving and our values ​​are ethical integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, objectivity, truth and accuracy of facts directly from the source, relevance and public utility. We seek to narrow the distance between readers and famous, bringing the public closer to this glamorous style.

What Caras Avakin Cover:

Avakin Life Community News.

Celebrity interviews, Avakin Instagram pages that have or have the potential for influence, artistic editing talent, video, and more.

Column Focus with reflective themed poems or texts by writer and model Ruby Flyy

Sponsorship in national and international events.

Gastronomy session with recipe tips, information about items in Avakin relating to real life.

Moments session. Highlight relevant facts that occur in the Avakin community.

Caras Tourism Session Tourist information about the main places in Avakin Life.

Caras Design content focused on decoration and interior design.

Island of Caras and Armani Penthouse venue for leisure, guest interviews, and holding parties and events.

Caras Avakin’s Model Aspect

Model Agency where we provide international experience, fashion tips, arts, videos, participation in Avakin and real-world-inspired brand advertising campaigns, fashion shows and brand representation at national and international events. Beauty pageants.

Where To Find Caras Avakin:

Email At:


Pose Magazine

About Pose Magazine:

Known as The Divo of avakinLife, The Mutha and also known as Gawd Father of Avakin drag.

But just call them Mo MoVa. The founder of P O S E magazine for Avakinlife and former talk show host of award winning and successful 4seasonal show “SLAY CAFE SHOW”.

Born and raised in New Jersey. starting off as a photographer and fashion designing as a drag queen then I was welcomed into the show business world where my career took off.

For 3 years I ran a success Avakin television show career, but now it’s time for me to come back to fashion and POSE.

The founding father of pose is Divo Mo MoVa.

Where To Find Pose Magazine

Revista Runway

About Revista Runway

The magazine focuses on bringing a variety of avakin issues.

We spread publishers

We set up avakin versus real life issues.

We create our brands that are clothes assembled by ourselves looks. Differentiated to give players Something Beyond the style of clothing that is usually worn.

We set up our print version where we gather weekly avakin subjects.

We do interviews with famous players.

We also partner with other magazines like go Top Model.

We also have a YouTube channel link in the magazine bio.

We set up posters for new clothes launched by avakin.

We created music clips.

We have our monthly event

Miss Runway

Director: Aria Croft22

Admins: Milla Ozzothy

Hazel schalffer

Edu riggs.

We are also formed by about 30 models.

Where To Find Revista Runway

InFashion Avakin Magazine *New *

About InFashion Avakin:

We are the magazine which runs in Fashion Spesifically, we highlighted all the fashion related in avakin life. Our Founder and CEO is Miss Chia Faye.

Miss Chia started this magazine on June 2019

The style that we choose is Glamour and Elegant.

throughout our trip there were certainly a number of obstacles, Our CEO had tried hard to solve them and now she is taking her sister Miss Leana Faye to help us as manager of recruitment

Where To Find InFashion

For now our social media only instagram, but we will make YouTube Channel soon.

InStyle Avakin *New*

About InStyle Avakin:

InStyle Avakin magazine is a fun and style-inspiring publication that gives the reader an opportunity to see the personal side of the Avakins celebrities. Also is an ultimate style guide with the latest news on the red carpet, events and celebrity fashion, designer clothing, beauty tips and more.

InStyle Avakin is a monthly avakins fashion magazine created in 2019 by Kattie Allier inspired by the original InStyle Magazine women's fashion magazine founded in 1994.

Where To Find InStyle Avakin:

The Style Studio *New *

About The Style Studio:

The Style Studio is a space created by Dani Cee of Avakin Life established in July of 2017. Originally created for freelance models to grow and find their agency home, The Style Studio quickly grew into it’s own space within the Avakin Life Community. We are now a Fashion & Style Consultancy Agency and Magaazine Company. Our goal is to help all Avakins express themselves through style and increase their range of looks by encouraging pieces that are outside of their normalcy.

In addition to originality and creativity, one of The Style Studio’s themes are: An Avakin Community, In Style. We are constantly focused on promoting those who are carving their own lane within this community, in style!

To find out more about The Style Studio and our content, please check out our content.

The Glam Life *New*

About The Glam Life:

The Glam Life was established on 8th September 2019. We started with a small motive to influence Avakins about fashion and style. We kept growing and growing. We started 'Glamaholic' a monthly magazine which focuses on fashion and news. We also have a team of aspiring models. We have a lot of new projects coming up for the year 2020.

Where To Find The Glam Life:

Avakin News

Avakin News Indonesia

About Avakin News Indonesia:

AvakinNews Indonesia, was made to facilitate Avakin Life players to get Information

Avakin Life ( Feature Updates, New Items. Latest information on Avakin Life, and others )

Group or family ( Introducing Fams or family, Squad, Group, Event, or Openmember Fams, Especially on the OA Line )

Makes it easier to get an Official Line Account Fams or Squad ( Especially on the Line )

Where To Find Avakin News Indonesia:

Official LINE Account : @cbl8900e

Avakin Indo

About Avakin Indo:

Avakin Indo Community

Avakin Indo Community or Avakin Indonesia was formed on April 19, 2015. Avakin Indo is the only major and largest community that represents the country of Indonesia. Avakin's initial stand on Facebook (Fanpage & Avakin Indonesia Group).

Over time with compact teamwork we can finally manage and complete some of the social media provided by Avakin Indo. The purpose of Avakin's existence is to share information with the community around Avakin's life and to repost moments from Indonesian players.

The Avakin Indo community has the BIGGEST FAMS IN INDONESIA and you can see it directly on our website.

Our website also has a complete streaming that is supported directly by NG Radio Indonesia (Next Generation - Youth Streaming Station) with a studio based in Bandung, West Java.

NG Radio is also available on Avakin Life streaming.

You can search Avakin Streaming:

Pop Genre > Pop World Sub Genre > Station NG Radio Indonesia. Or you can directly check on the website

At present Avakin Indo has some ongoing content such as Kartini Magazine by the creator of Avakin Indonesia and Avakin Indonesian Idol by the agency Avakin Indonesia. In addition, we also have the Ambassador of Avakin Indonesia who presents information, introduces Indonesian culture and various beauty and diversity in Indonesia.

We have not escaped the Events that we held with the contribution of Indonesian players who were very enthusiastic in supporting the avakin indo community. The uniqueness of our community is holding an Event / Giveaway in the form of Cash. Some Giveaway that we often hold such as Quiz, Unique Photos and Video Challenges.

Specials at the biggest events that we often hold on Celebration Day like:

1) National Hero Cosplay event on Republic of Indonesia Independence Day

2) Fashion Contest Event at Xmas celebration

3) Avakin Indonesia Anniversary Celebration (which is our biggest prize in 2019 with a total cash prize of IDR 5,000,000)

Finally, to date we have:

1 Leader

1 Website technician

4 Social Media Moderators

4 Creators of Kartini Magazine

2 Ambassadors Avakin Indonesia

And that's a little explaination outline of our community.

Avakin Indo Community aka Avakin Indonesia.

Where To Find Avakin Indo:

Avakin Life Network *Coming Soon*

We Need You!!!

We constantly want this magazine to be for everybody to enjoy and take part in. it simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as We Do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything is Avakin Related is included and shared with the rest of the community and to do this we need you!!!

So... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included in the magazine or you have an event or a group of family to promote we would love to include it. if you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos or posters. we would love to help.

to contact us all of the above and anything kettle send us a message at Official Avakin Addiction Magazine on Facebook we respond to everybody and will respond when we can.

Thanks To...

Thanks, Of course to -

Lockwood. for constantly working to bring out the best game in the world and making the experience so amazing. keep up the great work!!

Main Contributors

AAM Team

Sapphire Kelly, Prya xTRDx, Ariannalynn xTRDx, Dark Beautydoll, Lady Amalthea, Lilcutie30xTRDx, Queen B Santorini. AlliBlack101, MissBadRomance

All Artists/Editors are credited with their work.

Avakin Models

AAM Models (Avakin Addiction Magazine Models)

Såpphire Kelly, Prya xTRDx, AliceñChain Fox, AlliBlack101, Anca 22, Angel Ranger, Angleisa, Ariannalynn xTRD, Ava After Dark Edits, Beauty, Ben Lovejoy, Brooke060908, DeathWishsQueen, DiscoChicken, Empress Jen, Ghostdollhaunts, Jessy Golden, Jess AZP, La Belle Rolex, Lady Amathea, Lady Bella, Lilcutie30xTRDx, Nessa Williams, QueenBrella, Reign AZP, Rosal, Tea, Turtle Abell, Tina Moon, Vexy Venom

Luxury Modeling Production

Avakin finnsilver, BabieDolljordan2, Beauty, Belle Violet Rose, Bellion, Blueriver13, Candie P, Charlizetheron00, Madame Dana, Ms Debilicios, Ogremigio, Persephone, Queenhope, Sapphire Is, Sexyrican, Sweet Maddy, Sweeterthancandi, Tiff 001, Turtle Abell, Wildjimmy, Zenpeirce WF.


Business Directories

Avakin Life Community Amino

Arpie Rosian, TK99, Thalia, Sapphy, Silverspirit, XxKittydeexXDF, Thunderstorm.

Material World

Bruce Murray Aka C Jin Lovelace, Sequoyah Rose, Melody Waterman, MW Raven Reynolds.

Avakin Modeling Agencies

Diamond Star Elite Modeling, GoTopModel, AAM Models, Luxury Modeling Production.

Avakin Magazines

Caras Avakin, Pose Magazine, Revista Runway, InFashion Avakin Magazine, The Style Studio, Cosmopolitan Magazine Avakin.

Avakin News

Avakin Indo, Avakin News Indonesia, Avakin Life Network.

Special Thanks

Official Featured Content Creators

Celestia, Avakin Life Daily , Zerochill, Coelette Love, Dale, MJ, Karoline, C Jin Lovelace, Wolf Lee, Alanis, Jocelyn, Sequoyah Rose, ItsMeAnna21, Bunny, Anny Soza Oficial, Kimmy, Bexah.

Other Special Thanks

Avakin Events

...And Everyone who’s amazing content was featured this week find them on Facebook, Amino, Instagram and Twitter!

...And Finally...

Thank you all for reading, leaving your feedback and spreading the word about Avakin Addiction Magazine. The Number 1 Magazine in Avakin and the longest one running to date.