Returning To Discipleship Amidst Disruption 09/10 JANUARY 2021 | PRAYER & PRAISE SERVICES | REV DAVID HO

Returning To Discipleship Amidst Disruption


Rev David Ho

Scripture Passage: Luke 12:54-13:5 (NIV)


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Summary | Are we feeling discouraged and spiritually weary as the pandemic rages on with little relief? Let us take heart that God is in control and this crisis has not taken Him by surprise! Today’s scripture passage reveals three ways Jesus uses to prepare his disciples for similar difficult challenges.

1. AWAKEN TO GOD’S BIGGER STORY – in v.56 Jesus rebuked the crowds for not being able to discern the unfolding divine narrative in front of their eyes. They failed to recognise the Saviour amongst them. What might God be doing amongst us at this time? Have we taken time to reflect or have we written off 2020 as awful. Are we confused and anxious by all that is happening? Let us be careful to view the situa-tion through the eyes of faith. God is Sovereign and Christ is in charge. Then we can find peace and rest in our circumstances knowing that God has a bigger story. Verses 58-59 remind us of the urgency of the situation. We need to respond to God and intentionally practice spir-itual disciplines to draw close to Him. Our Hope is not in the vaccine but in God!

2. ASSESS YOUR INNER POSTURE – Jesus heard that Herod had mixed the blood of some Galileans with the sacrifices. Shocked onlookers wondered what those people had done to deserve this judgement! But Jesus answers that man is never in control of his life. We are spared only through the mercy and grace of God. Now is the time to assess our priorities and repent of our sins or we will all perish. The real question to ask ourselves is whether we are living for God or for self! We need to run to Jesus and fall at his feet!

3. ACTIVE OBEDIENCE TO GOD – Jesus was on the way to Jerusalem at this time. He walked towards his crucifixion in radical obedience. In this season we are called to be Kingdom Salt and Light. The Church of Christ must arise in sacrificial service and witness as Wesleyans did over the Christmas season when they blessed the underprivileged, the seniors and the migrant workers. Life is more than just preserving our own lives! What is God asking us to do in times such as this? The greatest battle is the internal crisis of sin within all of us that causes us to stray from God! We need to make every effort to get back to the disciplines of corporate worship, Bible study, prayer etc. Are there areas of our lives we need to change so as to partake of the abundant life? God has already given us a vaccine – the Blood of the Lamb that not only saves us from sin but allows us to live a victorious Christian life. Therefore, let us make God the center of our lives in 2021!

(Sermon Notes by Frances Lim)


1. Consider the events of 2020 and the impact on your life. Reflect and discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic might have affected you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

2. How do you understand God’s bigger story of redemption based on the Bible? To what extent has God’s sovereignty over history, amidst this season of disruption, been on your mind vis-à-vis the flood of daily news regarding Covid-19?

3. To what extent do you view your life as being part of God’s bigger story? Reflect and share what God might be saying to you in this season.

4. Have you drifted away from God or grown closer to Him in this season? To what extent has the pandemic led you to seek the Lord in worship, prayer and through His Word?

5. Reflect and consider what areas of your life might be mis-aligned with God. What are some changes you can make in your life and/or what are some spiritual disciplines you can undertake to draw closer to the Lord?

6. What might be the Lord be asking you to do in this season of disruption to witness to His love and grace to others, especially the vulnerable?

7. Consider availing yourself (or as a small group) to be involved in initiatives to bless and befriend the vulnerable in society in 2021. Share how you feel about this.