Chapter 11 Sparkpage summary

The Cell Cycle

Stages from a cell's birth to death. It goes through many processes and along the way it multiplies asexually.


The resting phase after Mitosis. Basically when a cell's nucleus successfully divides itself.


First stage in Mitosis or cellular division in which a cell starts to divide itself. During this stage the envelope holding the nucleus slowly subsides.


After a successful prophase the chromosomes attach themselves to the spindle fibers.


Third stage in cellular division. The nuclei of the cell slowly move apart from each other inside of the cell.


Final stage in cellular division. The nuclei of the cell are completely formed and they begin to separate inside of the cell.


Protein structures at the end of each Chromosome. They end the DNA strand and decide whether or whether not to unravel the strands.


Process in which cellular division occurs too rapidly. Can be fatal and can occur in multiple parts of the body.

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