Class 6's Learning Journey Autumn 1


For our Literacy unit we delved into the picture book 'The Flood'. This book provoked imaginative discussions around the characters and how the author has chosen to portray them. Our outcome was to write an informal diary entry from the perspective of one of the children.

During this unit, we focused on using the first person, synonyms to up-level our language, fronted adverbials and a wide range of conjunctions.


We have explored place value, the four operations and fractions. Some of us delved deeper into each concept by exploring more complex reasoning style questions.

We have also been practicing our arithmetic and times table skills. It has been wonderful to see so many children eager to improve their score on TTRS!


Our topic was called 'Avert the Disaster'. We were hooked in by images of different natural disasters and the devastation they leave behind. Then, we looked more closely at earthquakes and how these occur (focusing on physical geography). We researched the impact that earthquakes had and studied the San Andreas Fault in California.


We have been focusing on staying healthy. We looked at identifying healthy and unhealthy aspects of life and then focused more closely on healthy foods.

We also looked at feelings. The children discussed what happens when we feel sad and ways to deal with sadness. We also explored what makes a good friend. We had some fantastic discussions around this!

Next Half Term...

We will be exploring the topic 'Life in the Mines' with a focus on History. We will delve into the history of coal mines, particularly in South Yorkshire.

In Maths, we will be continuing with fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also look at measures, geometry, statistics, position and direction. We will also re-cap the four operations.

Have a wonderful half term break!